Crime drama starring Christina Hendricks will end in season 4.

The frightening purge of the American network NBC, which has decided to remove all possible ballast for the upcoming season, is complete. The The last canceled series wasgood girls(‘Good Girls’), the crime heroine staged by Christina Hendricks (‘mad Men‘) He stayed in four seasons.

In fact, this fourth season is still on the air in the US, and it seems that the new season accounts for the series’ closure are not showing up, hence this cancellation. Not even trying to sell it to Netflix, which it broadcasts as a second window (that’s what we see in Spain), has gone forward.

Good Girls, created by Gina Banes, centers on a group of mothers who are tired of not managing their affairs and other issues that will come to light, They decided to rob a supermarket. However, between the fact that the manager recognizes one of them and the loot is greater than they expected, things get complicated.

NBC purge

Hendrix makes headlines alongside Rita and Mae Whitman The main trio, with Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lydia Jewett, Isiah Stannard and Matthew Lillard.

Like we said at the beginning, NBC did Good cleaning with his series which was as they say “in the bubble”. That is, those who don’t provide good data but not bad enough to be scrapped. In this sense ‘Good Girls’ join ‘Manifest’, ‘Zoey’s extraordinary playlist’ and ‘Debris’

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