Creole classics conquered the United States

The Venezuelan who flogs Emizel Jaramillo, Sami Camacho and Edgar “El Tendón” Perez successfully passed selective tests during last Saturday at important US racetracks.

Jaramillo, the season-opening jockey at Gulfstream Park, Friday with Cashier Check Joining Zulia’s Víctor Barboza, beat Bat Beat Brian at Clasiming Crown Canterbury Tom Metzen Memorial Starter Stakes, contested at 8 p.m. with a prize of 90,000 dollar.

Jockey Samy Camacho continues at brisk pace at the Tampa Bay Downs and on Saturday victorious with Cattin in the opening bets, coached by Ralph E. Nicks and a $100,000 prize for best rating.

Camacho is one of the stats favorites for the Tampa Bay Downs circuit, an oval that was victorious for Nationals Rodolfo Garcia and Daniel Centeno.

Edgar Perez, who captured the Caribbean in 2009 with the mare Bambera, won the Pat Whitworth Illinois Stakes with the Burr Sea, played at Hawthorne Raceway, with a $61,450 bonus. Purr Sea hosted by Michelle Boyce.

Also featured over this past weekend: Luis Rodriguez at the Hippodromo de Chile; Sonny Leone in Mahoning; Edward Keynes Rojas, at Los Alamitos; Fredericks J. Manrique at Remington Park; Jose Camejo in Fair Gounds; Marcus Meneses at Gulfstream Park; Javier Castellano in Aqueducts. Francisco Arietta in the Oklon race. Cary Muñoz at Woodbine; Jose Garofalo at Gulfstream Park; Rigo Sarmiento, Sonny Leone, and Charlie Oliveros at Mountaineer; According to what Jose Luis de Angelo Duran posted on Twitter.

Valencia is closed

Racer Ender Graciel and coach Juan Carlos De Abreu conquered the national stats of the National Racecourse in Valencia, a circuit that has ceased its activities until next January 2022.

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Graciel, was a consistent winner during the 21 meetings at the Cabriales Oval, as was De Abreu.

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