Create a “cyborg brain” superior to any current artificial intelligence

Australian scientists design using human cells (Image: Samsung)

a group of Scientists from the Australian laboratory cortical parameters created chip with human neurons, which would be like cyborg brain Learn faster than any technology Artificial intelligence (IA) current.

According to the latest researchers’ reports, it was revealed through the magazine new world to Brett Kagan, the project manager, this system is called “DishBrainThey quickly learn to play video pong.

This invention consists of a Petri dish with Brain cells grew on a microelectrode array Capable of stimulating it and detecting signals.

“We think it’s fair to call them cyborg brains,” said Brett Kagan.

The cyborg brain learns in minutes to play arcade pong (Photo: Pixabay)
The cyborg brain learns in minutes to play arcade pong (Photo: Pixabay)

They state in the report that “through electrophysiological stimulation and recording, cultures were introduced into a virtual arcade game world.”

This science and technology work was submitted to the BioRxiv prepress server in early December and has not yet been reviewed with submissions.

Kagan noted that many teams around the world were studying DishBrain Networks Transformed into brain-like organelles, this is the first time these miniature tech brains have been found to be able to perform goal-directed tasks.

In this sense, while AI takes an hour and a half to learn to play pong, this “Cyborg Mind” It only took five minutes.

the "DishBrain" It uses human cells (Photo: Pixabay)
‘DishBrain’ uses human cells (Photo: Pixabay)

However, although it was a huge advance in terms of intelligence or comprehension abilities, when comparing them, once they understood the mechanics of the game, “DishBrain” showed worse results than AI, losing more Pong games when they faced each other..

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To conduct their research and experiment they used both Human and murine cells. In both they found similar patterns with one difference:

“the human cortical cells They have always outperformed the cortical cells of rodents with nuances of playing characteristics,” they said in a scientific report. This also confirms that human cells are better than those of rodents.

Using this ‘DishBrain’ system, we showed that a single layer of cortical neurons ‘in vitro’ can self-organize and display Intelligent and sensitive behavior When reincarnated into the world of simulation games.”

Illustrative image of artificial intelligence (Image: Pixabay)
Illustrative image of artificial intelligence (Image: Pixabay)

The developments were positive, however, and they assured that they would not be satisfied with it because they would test this system in the future with another type of Neurons or more complex biological structures“.

As if it was a novel by Science Fiction, the The first birth of robots Call xenobots In the United States, which was made from frog cells.

xenobots are biological robots millimeter that can be copied from itself. Researchers from universities Vermont, tufts y Harvard He pointed out that in 2020, the first of its kind was collected from frog cells.

These organisms were designed on a computer and assembled manually; The University of Vermont reported in late November that they could swim in a petri dish, find individual cells, and collect hundreds of them.

these Robots that can have ‘kids’ They are shaped like backman Keeping these cells inside her ‘mouth’, she is also able to put together ‘babies’ that look and move the same way they do. Days after new “Xenobots” are born, they can go out and build copies of themselves over and over again.

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