CPES Nº33 has been selected to participate in the boycott instance

The Directorate of Science, Technology and Environment will develop the provincial instance of Exhibition of Education, Science, Arts, Technology and the Environmentthe educational proposal that presents educational challenges Its various types: educational, communicative, cultural, social, historical, technological and others.

in this context, Fifth year studentsAnd the CPES Nº33from town dry canyonin the aforementioned case, with the introduction of a Social and Community Intervention Project.

Asked about the work the teacher in charge, Laura Andradeindicated that the same was done for local instance From the science fair he added that there are six students who will represent the school in the district instance.

At the same time, he pointed out that the Social Solidarity Project is related to environment and recycling On this occasion, they created Yerba Mate Biodegradable UtensilsIt is the waste that is constantly generated in the classroom.

In this sense, the teacher stated that “Although in the school they have the possibility of composting, due to the climatic situation and the factors of time and place, this project was approached to create a work of interest to the school, and therefore related to the municipality of Cañadón Seco and its environment policies“.

For his part, student Luciano Rojas explained that the process of biodegradable pots arose in search of a guide to start and direct it in the best way. To develop it, they searched for processes on the Internet, the most suitable trial and test. “It was trial and error until we found our service process without any failure,” he said.

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Regarding their participation in this experience, Abril Barraza mentioned that they took part in an exhibition in Caleta Olivia, where they observed various projects and where they displayed pots made in the school.

He also mentioned that they worked in a clear way with local kindergartens like Aonikenk and No. 12, “Time to Grow”, helping to learn the recycling process so they could have their own experience.

Finally, Professor Laura Andrade highlighted that they had been selected with the first project with the best result, going to the county instance and announcing that they would participate in an environmental day to be held in November in Rio Gallegos.

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