‘Coyote Lake’ shows toxic relationships between parents and children

NS Sarah Seligman Among the toxic stories fathers and sons It was always interesting and cosmopolitan, which is why he decided that his first movie would be about a complex relationship between a mother and her daughter, who are brought to life by Actresses Adriana Barraza and Camila Mendes, respectively, in the movie “Coyote Lake”.

“In all cultures, there is a time when children make difficult decisions to cut the umbilical cord to find their voice, because even then they are affected by what they say and want, and this sometimes causes them to become toxic, with dependence on others I found interesting to analyze in this film,” Seligman said.

Realizing that her idea wasn’t easy, Sarah wrote a short film script during her academic training and six years ago she turned it into a feature film, and despite winning various awards, in Mexico she couldn’t find a producer interested in her. She directed the story, so he was able to film and present it until he found support from one of them in the States.

Now he’s glad it’s coming to Apple TV across Latin America, because the cast is originally from this region and to show that there is talent in Mexico, he just needs more support, both from the public and the government.

“It was important to have Latinos. The first signature was the teacher Adriana Barraza, and it was an honor for her. Then Mane Perez, who has a long career in the Dominican Republic, arrived, it was a long selection process, but they arrived little by little, the production company wanted a commercial crew, Especially in the role of the daughter, “Esther”, but I was looking for someone with the strength to repeat the main character and I think Camilla did it perfectly,” Seligman added.

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The plot takes place on the southern border of the United States, and it also touches on the history of immigrants, because it is important for Sarah to clarify the problem, especially in that country so that they understand that the help of that government is also required to control the social and humanitarian situation.

in detail

  • Charlie Webber, Neil Sandilands and Antonio Lopez Valero also star in the film.
  • In the script, Sarah Seligman collaborated with Thomas James Bond.
  • The movie lasts 90 minutes


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