Covid: Mass protests in Belgium over restrictions

The progress of coronavirus infections does not give a truce and the authorities Belgium Make serious decisions to stop infection wave. In this way, cinemas, theaters, galleries and stadiums were closed from Sunday, despite the apparent decrease in the infection rate in this country over the past weeks.

General status mass protests in a Belgium Against the cultural closure on Sunday in Brussels According to the organizers, more than 10 thousand people participated in the crowd, while the authorities were supposed to take part in about 5,000 people.

“the civilization It makes me happy, it gives me hope, and now even in these desperate times it is robbed of me. “I am very sad and upset that this is still happening, and that is why I am here,” commented a film student who participated in the protests.

Demonstrations for cultural closure in Belgium.

After that, he was the technical director of Theater Royal in FlandersAnd Michael D. KockHe defined: “Culture is an economic activity, but we also need it for our mental health.”

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Some centers like eFor Cine Vendme or Cinema Palace The capital has already announced that it will not abide by the new rules and that it will remain open to the public. They are of the view that after two years of adapting to conditions through various measures such as installing special air quality meters, selling separate seats or reducing capacity, they have the necessary measures to avoid infection and be able to work.

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A crowd took to the streets of Belgium to protest the restrictions.

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