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Health confirms the existence of a “slight downward trend” in the epidemic

The Ministry of Health confirmed today, Saturday, ‘Slight downtrend’ of the pandemic, which can be seen in recent days data after eleven consecutive weeks of growth in cumulative incidence, which was 7.5 times higher than that recorded a year ago.

It was pointed out Minister of State for Health, Silvia CalzoneWhich came this afternoon to visit the applicants for the specialized health training exams who are taking their exams at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health.

The data published on Friday indicates “a slight downtrend that has seen a rally in the last week and a half, after 11 weeks of growth,” noted Calzone, who highlighted that in this sixth wave, The cumulative infection rate has become 7.5 times to one of The third pandemic wave.

He pointed out that despite these numbers, the epidemic He did not have the same translation in the severity indicators disease, specifically in traditional hospitalization data and in intensive care unit occupancy data, which remained lower than last year’s figures. (F)

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