Coty Romero reveals her health issues after splitting up with Bunny: “I’m on antidepressants.”

Coty Romero admitted that she takes antidepressants after separating from Bunny (Instagram)

Two weeks ago for the couple stability cutie Rosemary And Alexis with mail Quiroga it has finished. In the beginning was the former member of Big brother Who confirmed the news through their social networks. Hey, we wanted to tell you that ale We have decided to end our relationship. We thank you very much for all that you have done and done for us but Everyone has projects that we want to focus on as much as possible And we think it’s the best,” Coty closed with a red heart emoji.

Two hours later, he added another post. This time, trying to dispel doubts: “Do not be fooled by nonsense, I have never spoken to anyone, I have never failed or lied,” echoing social networks, which began to speculate on the alleged reasons for the breakup. (To Alexis) I still carry him in my heart, however We have a lot of things to healThe young woman added, explaining that at the moment she will not make remarks about the separation.

So, in the midst of rumors of Hare’s infidelity, the young woman turns to work and with her relatives after traveling to her home province of Corrientes. As the days went by, the young man from Cordoba expressed himself in this regard. He said “I’ll take two minutes to talk…” Alexis Quirogavia a live broadcast on his Twitch channel, and referred to the anguish he was going through due to a breakup Coty Romero.

Coty Romero posted a video crying after her separation from the rabbit (Instagram)

As explained, It was she who decided to distance herself And she traveled two weeks ago to the place where she lives with her family to take shelter in her home and friends, after she went through a crisis and a series of arguments as a married couple that led her to want to escape and decide what the will would be. happen to them.

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In the midst of silence, thinking about each of his words, at that moment with mail – as his fellow reality show mates are nicknamed – said they experienced short circuits in the relationship and different ways of thinking and behaving. Kotty decided to take a few days to shelter with her family and friends. It sounded perfect to me, it made the most sense,” Alexis considered it in a transmission that his voice emitted less than on other occasions.

For his part, he was confident of his ability to rebuild Sindh. “I’m not involved in the fact that this means it’s all over. Hopefully next week we can have a chat and we can fix thisHe said, noting that Cotey would be back in Buenos Aires in the next few days, and he hoped he could see her to talk about what happened.

However, when Coti returned from Corrientes, he wanted to re-establish the link but Cone apparently didn’t want to. invited to they (America), the young man gave more details about the situation with his ex-girlfriend. “Is there a chance to return?”They asked him and Alexis was emphatic: I am part of the fact that if there is love there is always opportunity.. “What’s stopping them?” They wanted to know next in the show cycle. “After I made the decision, we talked again a little while ago, She came back from Corrientes with another head, she wanted to come back, and us to be togetherThen he told how he spent the two weeks they broke up and why he preferred to wait to give the relationship a new chance.

El Conejo told the story behind Coti Romero’s breakup: “I don’t want to go back to the same thing again” (Instagram)

I spent a very ugly two weeks on sleeping pills. There was no way to sleep. I went through a lot of things that haven’t happened to me in a long time, and I asked him please… Later, he came back with another picture and he wanted to come back, but I felt like I owed it to me to try to be okay. I’ve had two weeks of shit,” Alexis opened up to explain why he prefers to wait for certain situations to “heal” before fighting the same battles they distanced themselves from.

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Over the course of Friday, Kotey expressed his solidarity with the Sophia Gogoi Jimenez Who is going through a painful moment after discovering her boyfriend’s betrayal. Then, through an Instagram post, the ex-sister opened up about the psychotherapy she’s been receiving and the consequences for her health.

Coty Romero said she takes antidepressants and they make her dizzy (Instagram)

“We love you Sophie. I literally take antidepressants prescribed by my psychiatrist, With a psychologist too and I get dizzy because they are so strong Medications, trying to eat more because I didn’t have an appetite, exercising, but reminding you of how important mental health is, treating yourself, loving yourself, doing therapy helps me a lot and advances the little pains that exist in life. You are so strong and No evil lasts 100 yearsShe highlighted the young woman with the details of her personal situation.

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