Costa Rican film “Sunday and the Fog” seeks an Academy Award nomination

The Costa Rican film “Sunday and the Fog” is on its way to becoming the film that will represent Costa Rica at the prestigious Academy Awards. The goal of the Costa Rican director, Ariel Escalante Meza, is to have his production nominated for the “Best International Film” award.

The film premiered in May at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. It was shot in Cascajal de Coronado, the setting where the story of the protagonist, “Domingo” (played by Carlos Ureña), a farmer who begins to see his deceased wife (Sylvia Sosa) inside a strange mist covers her house.

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Each country sends its film, and last year they sent 95 films and an academic committee reviews the films and those films short list (short list) from 15 Movies From these, it is presented to the voters, and from there the five candidates are taken. It is a process of suppression. Now what we need to do is start a campaign to promote “Sunday and the Fog,” the director explained in detail the process of obtaining an Academy nomination.

Escalante Meza is this week in Toronto, Canada, where the first show About the film in North America: “We seek to connect with audiences in this aspect and seek its distribution,” he explained.

The film stars Carlos Orenia.

Soon he will also go to Los Angeles (USA) to attend more events that serve as a platform to give the film more promotion and visibility in order to increase the chances of his potential nomination.

Costa Rica has not yet been able to enter short listNot to mention the Oscar nomination. However, the director looks at this possibility with ambition, making his film the eleventh national production to participate in such a process. The first was the Caribbean in 2005.

“The competition is tough, there are 90-100 countries competing, we still don’t know how much budget the Costa Rican authorities (Procomer’s Costa Rican Film Commission) will give us, but there is excitement and we believe in the possibility,” added the Desamparados native.

Costa Rican film Sunday and Fog

One of the biggest challenges was producing their own fog, as no special effects were used.

“Sunday and the Fog” will hit the box office in Costa Rica in About a month or two. Those who want to support her in her path to an Academy Award nomination can do so by going to theaters to see her and making her known on their social networks.

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That’s why the director invites Costa Ricans now to be well aware of the premiere, “It’s a movie that mixes social issues, horror, and a fantastic genre. Ghosts appear, there’s a bit of the Wild West, there’s intrigue, it’s a movie that has many elements and represents what it means to be Costa Rica” .

Statements by Ariel Escalante Mezza, director.

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