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Before the start of the challenges for the ninth day of the Apertura 2021 Costa Rican Championship, which began on this day and will conclude tomorrow, all players will wear the RESPECT T-shirt, No to Racism, and the captains will read the statement.

The Alajuelense and Jicaral players, who posed on the field, wore the shirts, as did the Guadalupe FC and Grecia players in the challenge, and later those of Saprissa and Sporting San José, as well as the Cartaginés and Pérez Zeledón players.

Tomorrow it is the turn of those from Santos de Guabiles and San Carlos, and those from Guanacasteca and Eridiano.

In the Alajuelense-Jicaral Challenge, their captains, José Miguel Cupero and Kevin Fajardo, respectively, called to raise their voices and shout no to racism and to support the struggle presented by generations of people of African descent.

Let’s promote spaces free from racism and racial discrimination for a better society, concluded the message from the leaders of both groups.

This Monday, in a 2021 campaign presentation, the First Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell, confirmed that we are passionate about football and that is why we put an extraordinary effort with Unafut (Unión de Clubes de Fútbol de la). First Class), to eliminate any kind of discrimination in sports venues.

Campbell – the first Afro-Costa Rican woman to hold this high position – emphasized that the campaign contributed to building a better society and ensuring a positive environment in the stadiums.

Like the previous year, he indicated that a large part of respect, almost no racism, would be developed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, he invited fans to join messages through social networks to promote equality and non-discrimination.

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Unafut’s president, Julián Solano, emphasized that changes to the organization’s regulations – heavy fines, closed matches, vetoes against stadiums, points loss and even exclusion from competition if necessary – have reduced instances of this type of discrimination.

Respect, Not Racism, the First Vice President, Ministry of Sports, Embassy of Canada, United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa), Blacks at Microsoft and Unafut have joined forces to mark Black Person’s Day, Afro-Costa Rican Culture and International Day for People of African Descent.

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