Costa Rica beat El Salvador 2-1 with CONCACAF draw

by AFP

The goals were scored by Brian Ruiz, 52, Celso Borges, 57, for the home team, and Jairo Henriquez, 12, for El Salvador. The victory is the first for Ticos in this World Cup and allowed them to reach fifth place in the standings with six points. cuscatlecos ranks sixth with five units.

Costa Rica will face the United States in Ohio on Wednesday, and the Selecta will host Mexico on their sixth World Cup schedule. The match started differently from expectations, with the Salvadoran side seizing the ball and leaving the homeowners orphaned. And quickly, in an excellent combination, the three most attacking El Salvador, Enrico Doñas, Joaquín Rivas and Jairo Henriquez combined, with the latter taking a powerful shot from outside the area that beat goalkeeper Keylor Navas, in the minute. 12.

The caption silenced fans who were present at the National Stadium, in San Jose,There is no doubt to note the possible and early sentence of the aspirations of seeing their country in a new world championship. From there, El Salvador took its foot off the gas and Costa Rica was on top of it. However, with little passing success, he never played a game that involved real danger.

The only options he came up with were through free kicks and corner kicks., because the visit made the mistake of giving up set pieces. However, his guard Mario Gonzalez always complied with the descriptive evidence of his position.

The clearest was a head-shot by Celso Borges, at age 28, and another by left-footed Joel Campbell, at 43.

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in the second half, Costa Rica realized that she was losing more than just a football match and took to the field On the other hand, on the other hand. In 52, Brian Ruiz sent a cross from Borges to the back of the net and in the 57th minute the latter scored a penalty kick to change the score.

The locals continued to try to expand the roster and finish the match, in order to calmly cope with the last minutes, not being content with what Navas could do on his own.

However, none of the buildings were fulfilled. Despite dominating the supplementary group, he was unable to score again, and the Costa Rican PSG goalkeeper had to perform another miracle in substitution time to save the local.

The result not only gives Costa Ricans a motivating and beguiling look, It also allows them to keep a close eye on the teams at the top of the ladder. At this time, they were one point behind Canada, who are in fourth place, and occupy the place where they could play a playoff with another Confederation. for this part, El Salvador was dealt a heavy blow that took away the momentum it had gained with its previous win over Panama.

“We just got an excellent victory, we really need it,” said Ruiz. “I would say that we will not suffer in this confrontation, we will qualify two or three games before, but it will not be like that.”

“We have to give credit to Costa Rica, in the second half they looked better. I can’t say if I was wrong with the changes until I see the video,” said Salvadoran helmsman Hugo Perez.

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