Coronavirus in Spain: Celebrations and lack of control …

Impromptu celebrations erupted in the streets in Spain at midnight on Sunday, marking the end of the Coronavirus alert and the lifting of the night curfew in different regions of the country. In major Spanish cities, it has been provided and celebrated without any respect for measures such as turning away or using masks, despite the fact that the numbers of coronavirus infections remain alarming.

In Madrid, young men went out to celebrate mainly in Puerta del Sol and the police had to intervene 450, although there were no arrests. “Freedom is not against the rules”, expressed Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida. “What we’ve seen are despicable scenes,” said the conservative politician, in a remarkable comment by someone allied with Isabel Diaz Ayesu, re-elected regional president and spokesperson for the quarantine.

The same thing happened in Barcelona, ​​where midnight was greeted by firecrackers and cheers of joy. The Urban Guard, in coordination with the regional police, was forced to evacuate about 6,500 people from 31 different locations in the Catalan city. The situation was repeated in other Spanish cities such as Seville, Bilbao or San Sebastián.

Spain has ceased to be anxious as of SundayThis means that it will be possible to move between regions and the curfew will generally be lifted in the regions. Although mobility is restored, Spaniards must continue to comply with certain measures such as the use of the chin strap and social distancing.

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