Controversy grows over the appointment of a new queen for the 2022 Barranquilla Carnival

Valeria Charis, Queen of the 2022 Barranquilla Carnival. Portrait of the Mayor of Barranquilla

End of this week , Barranquilla happened amid controversy over the city’s most important festival, And one of the most famous in the world: Barranquilla Carnival. After a year without the event being held due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will take place again in 2022 and the Queen who will chair it has already been announced, but not everyone seems to agree with the election.

The new ruler of the carnestolendas is Valeria Charis Salcedo, a 23-year-old girl, graduated in Industrial Engineering from the University of La Sabana in Bogota. who currently works at Monómeros. She claims to have a passion for carnival and from a young age was a dancer at the important dance academies in Barranquilla. In addition to this, he has acted in music videos as things from life by Carlos Vives.

Context: Valeria Charisse, the new Carnival Queen of Barranquilla 2022

Charris has a resume that most people would call pretty cool. However, this It wasn’t enough to convince all Barranquilleros that she is the queen of the 2022 Carnival. The most read negative comments on social networks indicate that other candidates for the crown “They deserved it so much more.”

Those who differ in opinion mention three other young women from Barranquilla who they saw as having better presided over the festivities: Alexandra Estarita or Valentina Lapera. The latter is the most vocal, especially since she has been trying to be the queen of the carnival for more than two years and they haven’t chosen her yet.

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These are some of the reactions in the networks after the election of the queen:

They killed Lapera. This is the thread

“Where did she come from? No one knew of her existence and she is now the queen of the carnival.”

“I’m angry. Labria or Alex deserved it more. No one knows where it came from.”

even in, There are more aggressive people who threaten Charisse. In some of the comments, which have already been reported in the networks, it was read that they are going to “destroyto the queen and sabotage her activities.

But just as there are criticisms, there are also hundreds of comments supporting Charisse. Carnival lovers demand respect and that “give it time” To prove that he will do a good role and lead the party with distinction.

They just announced it and they are already saying it doesn’t work. At least watch her dance and then criticize.”

“You will do an excellent job, Valentina. You already have a theme here, Queen. Let the 20-22 carnival come!”

“They can say whatever they want but no one can criticize the way you dance. Look how you hold that skirt”

In the same way, despite the criticism Valeria Charisse was very happy on social networks and she called out loneliness. She assures that she will do everything in herself to “win the hearts of Barranquilla” and assures that she will do a good job.

Thank you Barranquilla! Before I walked, I danced. Dancing and the Barranquilla Carnival have been a part of my life for as long as possible. This is a new story that I celebrate and live with. Thanks to the Carnival folks for their good wishes, emotional messages and lots of Carnavaaalll. I love you! “Charisse says.

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