Control has achieved success with more than 10 million players and Remedy is already thinking about its future

The company has several video games in play, including two that are set in Control.

The last big production of Remedy Entertainment Continue to build on your success. As reported by the developer, control It has already crossed the 10 million player barrier, a number that allows the studio to look optimistically into the future, with as many as two different video games in its universe.

Control is released these months on Xbox Game Pass and PS NowHowever, we do not know the specific sales data other than those provided at the end of 2020: Two million copies of Inventory Control. Since then, production has become the subject of both Sony and Microsoft’s desire for their services, with premieres on PlayStation Now, PS Plus, and Xbox Game Pass. Destinations, all, where the number of players will definitely increase.

Remedy hopes to maintain this community support with condor, a casual multiplayer game that takes place in the same control world, while at the same time working on it A new video game from the series with a bigger budget.

Other healing video games are underway

But not only Controle wants to live with the Finnish company. In that sense, they remembered their goal of releasing it at the end of the year Crossfire X campaign.. At the same time, Triple Cure Project with Epic Games It is already being developed at cruising speed, while work continues on a second, smaller development. Finally you will find forefront, with many tests scheduled internally.

Coming back to Control, the video game was one of the champions of the 2019 Awards Festival. If you want to know more, you can read Control’s analysis at 3DJuegos where Alejandro Pascual defined it as The most daring work of treatment. He estimates that “courageous theater design, which encourages exploration and dispensation of aid, is mixed with fierce combat, but in the long run something monotonous and repetitive.”

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