Consumers’ commitment to companies they fall in love with for their purpose and sustainability

Madrid, May 12, 2023: The International Brands in Love Awards continue their journey, making visible and recognizable companies, projects and organizations that connect emotionally with people through their products and services. Since last April 12, the list of all The nominated brands of the year 2023 Available on their website for public voting in any country in the world. Deadline for popular vote It ends on the 17th of June.

This pioneering initiative in the world marketing y de los negocios celebrates its second edition, with the aim of promoting, highlighting and recognizing the path and commitment of those brands whose operational strategies align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in line with the principles and philosophy of the promoters. of these awards.

The public vote will weigh in at 20%, while the professional jury will take care of the other 80%. Finalists will be announced in September.

Opportunity for companies with purpose

The Fall in Love International Brands Awards is a unique recognition in the international arena, as no other awards recognize and reward love in business. This translates to a file Greater visibility and profitability for participating brands.

With the aim of guiding consumers in their vote, the brands they fall in love with start, in May and through their social networks, interviews with the spokespersons of all the brands applying for the awards, where they will be able to present them first – delivery of products, services or Initiatives that prompted them to participate in the competition.

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This year, brands have especially chosen Categories related to sustainability and social inclusion, two issues that companies, as well as society in general, are increasingly committed to. According to the Kantar Sustainability Brands Index, 67% of consumers believe that solving climate change is a business responsibility and that brands that are more sustainable have increased their value by 31%.

To provide a bigger boost to the participating companies, they all become part of Global network brands that fall in love Just for appearing at the awards. This space allows them to share their projects and create synergies between them. In the 2022 edition, dozens of brand collaborations are featured.

Gala supported by world-famous companies and personalities

winners The second edition of the International Brands Fall in Love Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held today October 27 at the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid. At the event will be present More than 100 CEOs from companies in Spain and Latin AmericaSo are the finalists. In addition, two prominent businessmen with a strong commitment to the third sector will be honored at the ceremony as honorary members: Bisila Bokoko, businesswoman and founder of New York-based Bisila Bokoko Embassy Services, and José Luis Montes, entrepreneur from the IT sector and author of several books. , as well as the founder of many micro-ongs.

The initiative is sponsored by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, a leading reference in the business sector in Spain, as well as Vidrio Sorribes, an artisan company specializing in the design of recycled glass. In this 2023 edition, Silvia Ayuso International, a company with a notable international track in the field of diversity, social inclusion and women’s leadership in companies, joins as a sponsor brand.

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About the brands you fall in love with

Brands that fall in love is an agency marketingand communication and public relations committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. Its aim is Helping companies and people who want to change the world through their products and services, by achieving a common goal. To achieve this, they develop communication strategies and marketing Passionate and show Training of managers through its academy.

Founded in Peru in 2014, it is today headquartered in Spain and has customers in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Russia, among others.

International brands falling in love is a pioneering initiative promoted by the agency with a purpose Showing and recognizing the exceptional brands of companies, projects, institutions and individualswhich seeks to transform business models by achieving common purpose and the emotional connection between brand and people.

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