Consequences of charging a cell phone in the car (and why it’s not appropriate)

Cell phone batteries often run out at least the opportune times.Therefore, users are looking for any tool to prevent the device from shutting down and disconnecting. Therefore, an option appears: plug it into a USB port in the car and charge it from there, but … how effective is it and how is it counterproductive?

To understand the best way to charge a cell phone in this way, It is necessary to analyze that there are currently several types of chargers, in which there are the main differences They lie in its carrying capacity.

With this in mind, many find an alternative to charging from vehicles, but most USB ports In cars, they only deliver 0.5A, which is a very low power supply Which can start to affect hardware performance. Also, the phone will take longer to charge if you are making calls or using apps.

Most USB ports in cars provide only 0.5A, which is very low power supplyistock

Although some companies are interested in this point, it is not uncommon for cars to have a USB port ideal for charging devices. On the other hand, this It also affects the level of consumption From the battery, since The car will demand more fuel because it will have to inject the cell phone from its battery At the moment the user plugs it in, although this only becomes important when the car is turned off.

Is there anything else to consider? yes: Leaving the charger plugged in without the phone will also drain the car battery.albeit at a much slower rate than if the cell phone was connected.

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A separate paragraph for another topic along the same lines, and regarding Android phones: What happens if you charge them overnight? Is this habit true or false? Is it harmful to the device?

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