Connect with Science: The perfect preview of the stress gallery has already gathered a thousand students

Real Villa. The Fair Highlights has an aperitif from Mondays. For five days, until Friday the 18th, the outstanding outreach program will gather a thousand schoolchildren from the city and its surroundings to show the funniest face of science. The scientific conferences, organized by the Ciutat de Vila-real Chair for Ceramic Innovation with the University of Jaume I and the City Council, will further increase the curiosity of future innovators.

Not surprisingly, the Connect with Science program aims to promote scientific and technical studies among primary and secondary school students. Through hands-on workshops, talks and exhibitions, nearly a thousand students will be able to learn about different aspects of UJI degrees, as well as other novelties, during this week. The various venues of the Campus Obert program, which includes about two dozen centers across the county, derive this week in Dissemination Highlights.

With this, fifth and sixth graders will be able to enjoy the latest scientific advances through exhibitor platforms. Las novedades que posibilitan ya nuevas fuentes de energía, experimentos auspiciados por el Laboratorio de Química Aplicada de la UJI, comprobar la velocidad de la luz o conocer cómo se construyen y programan robots mediante sensors del sonas de la harqín the students.

Fifth Edition … back to normal

Everything, a prelude to a new edition of Stresses, the bi-annual exhibition that reaches its fifth edition in 2022. Thus resumes the first exhibition of the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Valencian community, born in 2014, at the Center de Congressos, Fires i Trobades is back to normal After a semi-virtual release of 2020 due to the spread of the epidemic.

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The meeting, which was born with the aim of revitalizing the economic fabric through innovation and projecting it into the future, always betting on sustainability, has once again become a must event for anyone who wants to be abreast of technological developments.

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