CONEAU is accredited in the medical profession by the United Nations for the year 2022

In the opinion of CONEAU, the development plan for the implementation of medicine is sufficient. On the other hand, the organization has also awarded the highest postgraduate category “A” for PhD in Earth Sciences at the Alto Valle and Valle Medio headquarters.

The plenary session of the National Commission for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAU) on Wednesday approved the medical profession project at the UNUN Andean Headquarters for launch in 2022. The educational model of problem-based teaching, institutional capacities for research and guidance on the social aspect of medicine. The administrative organization of a profession with a complex structure was appreciated in relation to the academic plant and registration. The same is true of links between institutions to carry out the functions of student internships, teacher training, research, etc. Finally, in the opinion of CONEAU, the development plan for the application of medicine is sufficient.

The evaluation agency positively assessed the relevance of presentation in the Region, the didactic model of problem-based teaching, institutional capacities for research and guidelines related to the social aspect of medicine.

The same plenary session is accredited for six years and with the highest postgraduate degree Class “A” Ph.D. in Geosciences from the headquarters of Alto Valle and Valle Medio for being considered a distinguished profession in terms of researchers, academic staff, training of scholarship holders, Ph.D. thesis, comprehensive scientific production of research on The Earth system, including the history and evolution of the biosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, as well as their interactions, current state and possible future evolution. The accreditation highlights the introduction of the profession, both in the local and regional environment. The region of Northern Patagonia offers great interest in PhD study, both from a geological and paleontological point of view.

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The Neuquina Basin presents one of the most complete stratigraphic records of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of Argentina with a rich series of biotic associations unique in the world. The Andes mountain range is one of the most important places for tectonic and volcanic studies at the international level, in addition to the fact that the region has the largest active volcanoes in the Andes. From the point of view of oil systems, interest in the study and characterization of unconventional reservoirs in the region has increased in recent years. In terms of mineralogy, in addition to the Andes, the Somunkora Plateau contains important mineral deposits relevant to research. From an ecological point of view, the region has hydrographic basins of great importance for the country and a coastal area whose dynamics are not yet fully known.

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