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talk about it “Soul Teller” Synonymous with feeling, professionalism and emotions, combined with a basic and essential project, led by a soul narrator who seeks to engage with simple music against race and immediacy, a tendency to use and throw. Music Michelangelo JulianThe first and only Spaniard to score with him Legendary producer Willie Mitchell, discoverer Al Green Producer of the great legends of black music Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, lands on the origin Valencia, The November 27 with him Soul and Love Tour. In the capital, he will present his new band and musical repertoire after the epidemic, as he will not lack the successes he achieved in his previous stages.

Who is “Soul Teller”?

It’s a very basic project about my way of life, which is telling stories from the soul. Today, everything comes from intelligence more than warmth and spirit. Music, clothing, design or architecture go in a far-reaching plan, leaving soulless melodies and trends for posterity. Soul Teller aims to play its part and do things from the soul.

More than “spirit”, what is it paired with?

People read “soul” and think it’s all about this kind of music. Undoubtedly, I drown my feet in black music, along with “soul,” “rhythm and blues,” and “rock and roll.” The project that will be presented in Palencia will be a “rock and soul” band, so that people can see both styles and be able to interact with them.

From where he came?

As a musician, I started at the age of 14, but had no idea what the “Soul Teller” project, a soul narrator at the time, meant. A tune came to me, I gave it that title, and over the years, I realized what it meant. From there the first band was created, which was “Cool Jerks”, with ten years of touring in Spain and Europe.

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come and go. What are its musical stages?

After the theater with “Cool Jerks”, I went to the UK, where was my usual residence, where I reached out to producer Willie Mitchell who loved the songs, because he told me that if not, I wouldn’t go. To go there, no matter how much money I put in. The door opened for me and we were on a tour. Next, we’re back on tap, this time with Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, son of the legendary Willie Mitchell.

How do you define your music?

It is a mixture of black and white music, to put a musical genre and label. In short, it’s songs. I’m looking for a good heart song. Producer Willie Mitchell taught me that there is nothing black or white and nothing to brag about. It all lies in the people coming together to compose music, along with songs with simple melodies that speak volumes for every day. They are songs from the soul to connect.

Communication between the United Kingdom and Spain. Are there differences in the musical field?

Spain is a country that has a lot to offer, but it doesn’t know how to sell it and we have wonders on all levels. As a country, we are some of the best people to live in, because when you’re abroad you realize it. It’s not that we are late, but rather asleep compared to the Anglo-Saxon countries in entertainment, because they know how to sell it. We have a roof and they don’t let us put music and other languages ​​on the radios and we keep looking down on our navel. You should bring groups that sing in the languages ​​in which the major tournaments are played, just as the Germans, the French or the Italians send their teams.

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Do you support bringing culture and music to small towns and stages?

I play anywhere. I am a human being who approaches every town and city, for it is always good to carry a tone of heart. During the pandemic, many people have turned to songs, movies or books, which are entertainment. This is too bad, but it should reach all sites. I have never been to Valencia before. It’s the only city in Spain that I haven’t played in, above the amazing stage it has to offer.

Landing in Valencia. Scenario that leaves a footprint.

The Teatro Principal de Palencia is a candy box. It is a neoclassical theater with an Italian court and four floors. Impossible that it could not be there. I look forward to meeting the Valencian public.

What will Valencians find?

With the “Soul and Rock” party. It will be told in a “closed” voice what will happen, in detail where we came from, with whom we recorded and everything we have done so far. It will be recorded with two microphones aimed at the audience to capture the atmosphere of the stage. It will be convincing with a band of skilled musicians and great backup singers.

What is the secret of your musical dates?

What is important is to put on a good show so that the audience does not want to leave, with simple songs that get people moving so that people get into the piece of cloth with us. What will be witnessed will include the first, second and third stages, with the band showing with everything that was implemented during the summer despite the restrictions. Since they are no longer active now, I have an entire band under the name “Soul Teller”.

Share the stage with figures of the caliber of Percy Sledge, Bonnie Tyler, Dr. John and Solomon Burke. Means?

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You learn from all over the world, because they are great global personalities. The first is an honor because it is wonderful. On a personal level, they are as human as everyone else, and some of them are already dead. They taught me a lot of things, like humility. In the end, this is all a career and it continues on stage. One has to be a musician and another journalist. You have to interact with everyone as if it were a cog.

The first and only Spaniard to score with legendary producer Willie Mitchell. Quantum leap?

Willie Mitchell taught me that less is more. We went to Memphis (USA) with the Spanish approach and fascination in which they always ask for a reason why and so rich in English. I feel this genre should be sung in English, I don’t feel it in Spanish. I got to the point of inferiority because I don’t know if he sings it well or is white to sing “soul”. Mitchell told me that less is more. Give your best and don’t brag about anything. It was the greatest education. The soul is not black, white or blue, because we humans make music. In the end, they are labels and nonsense that people make and end up drowning out the profession.

And now this?

I live in the present I work with one song, because I prefer the “song” version with its own video and not recordings, everyone wants it yesterday and tomorrow you have to release another video. I continue to work the old fashioned way. I put one song on and people learn the songs and sing it. I’m working at the moment and the tour is ongoing with the new band. The Soul Teller project has already started as a band in Valencia.

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