Concerned about the health of Pope Francis

the church community Pray for him Pope FranciscoWho was he in the hospital This wednesday to incisional hernia The 86-year-old Pope A fragile health pictureafter Colon microsurgery in July 2021.

Faithful in the church have sent messages of support to Francis in recent hours, especially via Twitter.

The worldwide concern is that “Pope Francisco” has become a trend on the social network.

Health of Pope Francis

Francisco’s overall well-being deteriorated due to knee problemsa illness For which there is no official information and about which the Pope said he did not want to undergo surgery.

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For nearly a decade, the world knew him for suffering from an illness Chronic sciatica Forcing him to walk badly, which forced him to abandon official ceremonies on several occasions and postpone trips.

at the age of 21, Francisco almost died from pleurisyAccording to her biographer Austin Ivery, This is why they had to remove some cysts from his lung in 1957.

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Of his emotions it is known that when he Archbishop of Buenos Aires I used to go to a Chinese acupuncture specialist to Back painAccording to his biographer in The Tablet Catholic.

suffered too “Gallstones” And in 2004 he had “temporary” heart problem because of a Slight narrowing of the arteryAccording to his biographer.

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The liver problems were instead resolved with a change in diet.


In July 2021 he underwent a Diverticular stenosis surgery which included a Left hemispherectomywith general anesthesia.

She was Surgical intervention to remove one part of the colon and reduce the problems it causes DiverticulosisIt is a small hernia in its wall.

In a January interview, he explained that his colon problems had returned.

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Pope Francisco.

In April 2023, He was taken to Al-Jumaili Hospital due to respiratory problemsHe stayed there for three days during which it was run Antibiotics.

“If we had waited more hours, it would have been much more serious,” he later admitted in an interview with Telemundo.

The Argentine pope often speaks “freely and transparently” about his physical and mental health problems.

Despite this, the Vatican continues to maintain the usual secrecy and vague reports, raising doubts and questions about the true circumstances of the Pope.

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