Concern for Silvio Soldan's health: He was urgently admitted to Cologne

Concern for Silvio Soldan's health: he was urgently taken to hospital in Cologne (Video: LAM, America)

the artist Silvio Soldan He was admitted in the last few hours to a clinic in the city of Colonia in Uruguay, after suffering from motion sickness, according to his press agent Juliano Bacci. The news was announced by Angel de Brito. they (America).

Soldan, who knew how to host shows like Happy Sunday And Great tango valuesHe was in Uruguay to perform with singers Nestor Rolan and Alberto Bianco, whom he declared “two great values ​​of tango” in reference to their popular TV series.

According to the statement issued minutes ago, which was also accessed, TV showHe added that Silvio “felt uncomfortable due to the movement of the ferry that transported him.” For his part, De Brito said on his program that they “thought that he might have a stroke because he was feeling dizzy, with some strange symptoms, so they quickly transferred him to a clinic and treated him.”

Silvio Soldan (Photo: Franco Favasoli)

The diagnosis in the press release was motion sickness. According to MedlinePlus, a website from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it is “a common problem for people traveling by car, train, plane, and especially boat,” because it is motion sickness. “Anyone can get it, but it is more common in children, pregnant women, and people taking certain medications. Motion sickness can come on suddenly, with dizziness and cold sweats. “This can lead to dizziness, nausea and vomiting.”

The 89-year-old broadcaster began to feel unwell while being transported by ferry to Colonia del Sacramento and ended up in the hospital after an almost hour-long interview with the newspaper. Country. To remove doubts, Angel De Brito confirmed: “He is in excellent health, but they were very afraid. People who were with him told me that he is now resting in his hotel, lying down“.

Statement on the health condition of Silvio Soldan

“He wanted to come back today. He was worried because the press saw that he felt bad. He went to give a press conference and started looking to the side as if he was asking for help. He started saying 'I feel bad' and then they got scared and called the ambulance and took him to the hospital. The presenter explained: ” “It was five in the afternoon.”

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Since the production of the show that Silvio was to present in Uruguay, a statement has been issued to reassure the public. “On behalf of the production of Silvio Soldan and Two Great Tango Values, we would like to inform you that today Mr. Silvio Soldan has moved to Cologne to start a tour of our show. While riding the ferry, he felt uncomfortable due to the movement of the ferry.The first part of the report says.

The diagnosis given in the press report states that the discomfort Silvio Soldan suffered was due to motion sickness.

“Despite this, Silvio continued his commitment during our press conference to promote the missions. However, due to his deteriorating condition. We chose to seek medical care at our local hospital. “With reasonable concern and priority for his safety, doctors conducted the relevant tests and confirmed that it was an attack of motion sickness,” producer Patchi explained in a statement posted on social media.

Finally, he responded: “We have decided to reschedule the tour for August, allowing our esteemed artist to rest and recover in Buenos Aires. It is estimated that he will return tomorrow afternoon.”

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