Con Aguero and a crude confession of his health: “I’m afraid…”

The striker recounted in a broadcast that in recent days he had made a tape for a while and also played tennis, but ended up drowning. He shouted, “Will I be able to at least run into a pike?”

Con Aguero’s confession about his health

Con Aguero's confession about his health

After revealing it He has a chip that measures his heart rate, Sergio Aguero Yesterday he gave more details about his current health, after two months After he announced his retirement from professional footballThe product of a heart problem.

It was during a broadcast on his Twitch channel that he started by saying that every time he crosses his arms the chip hurts, after which he recounted a conversation he had with his doctor, who told him he should have new studies these days. “The other day I ran on the treadmill and played soccer and tennis and drowned”Kun Aguero revealed.

And added: “What a madness all this is… I’m thinking, can I at least run a sprint? I’m really scared. I’m turning around and it looks like my eyes are about to pop out. This is also because I haven’t run in a long time… I feel my heart going to stick, and I don’t even want to run anymore. It is better to remain seated, calm, flowing … “, hill.

Kon Aguero and the chip he suffers from because of his heart problems

“I have a slice. This is a tagito, they opened up for me here and put a slice on me”He explained, and continued: “At night I throw colored lights on, I’m Iron Man, it’s cool. I have a slide, I’m straight. If I speed up (my heart rate), the doctor jumps. It seems to me that the slide was put in by Sophie (as Zette, his girlfriend) to see where I am.”


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