Complaints from over 500 UNLP medical students in part: “out of about 1600 students, 60 passed”

A group of more than 500 students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the National University of La Plata denounced “many irregularities” in the intensive course of the Chair of Cytology, Histology and Embryology, especially when taking a partial part last Monday. The owner himself is Dr. Hector Del Zoto.

They sent a letter to Mario San Mauro, the Foundation’s Academic Secretary, in which they indicated that they were aware that there were “many violations made by the aforementioned chair during the 2020 academic year”.

They also asserted that it “consistently creates administrative and academic obstacles, as observed in false absences and in exam questions that were not only more complex than the quality of the chapters that were presented, but were also based on questionable or informal bibliography.”

They added in the message: “All this without counting the technical problems of the environment, which, due to the number of students who use the page, collapsed, causing the exhaustion of exam time by uploading the questions to the platform.”

On the other hand, they emphasized: “The number of those rejected is very high, which is why we understand that it is the president who should review their practices, something that has been proven during the last academic year.” In an interview with this medium, one student stated that “out of a total of 1,600 students, 60 were approved with luck.”

Meanwhile, at the end of the letter to the academic secretary, they asked for a series of points: “That there are cases of refunds; extension of time to solve the exam; questions that actually belong to the official bibliography of the chair; examples of a review of where to consider reviewing questions with a bibliography. Approved by the president; those measures are taken so that the environment does not collapse; the questions appear on the same page, so that, in the event of the collapse of the environment, it does not mean less time for partial resolution. “

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Many students of the Chair shared with this medium the supposed materials presented by the Chair that contradict the answers presented as correct in the section.

The full message of the Academic Secretary and the signatories:

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