Complaints and anger in medicine for the advancement of leave held by students

The suspension of medical lessons due to the holiday from 23 December sparked protests. Through a decision, the college set an academic and administrative holiday for this day and concluded the 2022 academic year, and also informed that activities will resume on February 1. In this context, the education community has raised concerns among students who planned to take partial exams next week, and that, due to the measure, they will now have to postpone those commitments for the next year. They also expressed the need to continue studying after the national holiday on Tuesday, which complicated students’ times and closed some study subjects.

Representatives of a student group of Academic Unit 60 and 119 expressed that “it seems strange to us that they closed the college on December 23, when it would generally be possible to continue paying.” “In my case, I had to pass the exam on December 29 and be able to close the subject in the same year,” he added. They noted, “This decision certainly means that many boys who had planned to surrender and return to their home towns now have to leave and wait until February to finish their care.”

While from the educational sector they stated that “all life has given up between holidays, and this gives the opportunity for students to complete the process.” “In addition, always at that time, towards the end of the year, there is still academic activity and also teaching work because classes are closed. But a decision was made and this year everything ends on December 23,” the source said. .

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For some teachers, the procedure has complicated students’ times, taking into account the national holiday on Tuesday 20 and the holiday declared for the day for Christmas celebrations, because they “finally cannot complete their procedures this year and they will have to wait until February”.

“Many had delayed their return to the towns to be able to take their exams. But now they found that the holiday was settled and everything would resume on the first of February, and this meant that there were subjects who had to postpone their exams until February,” they said.

After the decision, the academic unit sent a circular addressed to the educational community detailing that “the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences informs that he will grant academic and administrative leave starting from Friday 23 of the current year inclusive, for which, taking into account the summer vacation, activities will resume on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 .

For their part, in Exact Sciences, they denounced, in the Chair of Mathematics A, on Tuesday, that they had to put on a make-up, but because of the huge celebrations of the dedication of the national team in Qatar, they postponed it until next year. .

No doubt the decision angered the students, who had already prepared the study to face the main exam this month and now would have to wait for February.

Others even confirmed to this newspaper that they had staged their return to the city based on this test and had to reschedule not only their return but also the return for the 2023 tournament.

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A different situation occurred in another chair of the same graduate school, which led to the postponement of a period of convalescence, but to the other day. Engineering Chemistry stated that “the make-up that would have been taken on Tuesday 12/20 will be taken on Wednesday 12/21”, thus enabling the students in this case to finish the year as planned.

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