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Eva Hualda is a management expert who has worked for 20 years in different multinational companies. He admits that during his confinement he had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of improving well-being and reducing stress levels. From this contemplation, his fruitful training project emerged with his time technique.

This initiative is called You Are Productive, which primarily serves women between the ages of 35 and 55. There she conducts sessions, workshops or consultations to guide users and teach them how to make the most of and enjoy their time, while achieving their personal goals.

Difficulties resulting from stress due to lack of time

In today’s life, people, especially women, have to play several roles at the same time. Many of them must be divided between their domestic responsibilities as daughters, wives or mothers and their professional duties. Since they are all so absorbing activities, moments of personal well-being are usually relegated to the background.

This coach says that problems with the relationship with time are manifested in the feeling of not being able to perform all daily tasks. It is also reflected in feelings of stress, anxiety or mental exhaustion when the hours of the day are not enough.

In the cases of independent and adventurous women, Eva Hualda says that this type of conflict over time is also very frequent. In them, added to the above problems is the feeling of frustration at not achieving the goals that have been set. For all of them, this advisor created the time method.

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The time method and how to improve productivity and well-being

Specialist Eva Hualda explains that the time method involves carrying out tasks that focus on improving the woman’s relationship with her time. The first step is transformation, in which old and harmful habits are eliminated, and changed to ones that increase productivity.

The second step is to invest in themselves. From changing habits, time is built for women to learn to spend quality moments with themselves. This will allow them to establish a better relationship with themselves and with the people around them. Eva asserts that with these buildings the tranquility needed to improve the relationship over time is achieved through a balance between their roles.

The fertility coaching expert says her role as a counselor is to accompany women through this transformation process. He assures that during the sessions he helps them find formulas to achieve greater productivity by working from the inside and the mind. The Time Method, she adds, is a methodology focused on personal development and women who are committed to change.

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