Commando attack and violent shooting at Santiago de Chile airport: two people were killed

A group of criminals attempted to steal a truck with $32 million in Miami cash and clashed with police on the runway.

The scenes of the movie lived on a Wednesday morning in the midst of an airstrip Santiago de Chile airport, the main country in the trans-Andean country. It was when a commando group of about a dozen criminals tried to rob a cash truck $32 million from Miami She engaged in a fierce battle with the police. He was Two dead.

The violent incident occurred around 8:00 am, when the heavily armed assailants in three trucks arrived at Sector W of the air terminal and broke down a gate with the intent of stealing the goods from a cash van. They hit $32 million on a Latin American flight from Miami.

This money was to be transferred to a truck belonging to Brink’s company, to be later transferred to various banking entities.

To achieve this and bypass security, criminals could have provided Apparently forged credentials. They then overpower a guard and steal his firearm. Immediately after that, they went to the unloading station. However, personnel from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation – responsible for the security of the fence – warned against the maneuver.

Investigating police inspect one of the dead bodies lying on the runway. Photo: Reuters

At that moment, next to several parked planes, a fierce battle began with the criminals. Part of the sequence was captured on video taken by passengers and airport workers.

As a result of the intense exchange of fire, a DGAC official named Claudio Villar Rodriguez and a firefighter from La Cisterna, who lost his life. The other fatal victim was one of the attackers. His accomplices managed to escape.

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While fleeing, they left Burnt compounds on the escape route. One member of the group was even seen wearing an outfit similar to the one used by the DGAC. Meanwhile, the authorities confirmed that they could not take the money from the truck.

Investigating police inspect one of the dead bodies lying on the runway.  Photo: Reuters
Investigating police inspect one of the dead bodies lying on the runway. Photo: Reuters

While the corresponding expertise was being carried out at the scene, by the Public Prosecutor of Podahuel Eduardo Baeza, the Carabineros and the investigating police began a large-scale operation to find the criminals.

In this sense, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, made it clear Two suspects have been identified Their relationship to reality was investigated. In addition, he explained that the criminals got pregnant Automatic weapons.

For its part, Brink’s security company affiliated with the truck said in a statement that its workers “followed all security protocols in the face of the assault, and fortunately they were unharmed.”

“We believe it is necessary to create a public-private working group that includes directly the carriers of value, and that can contribute its expertise in assessing risks and designing measures that increase levels of safety, above all, for the benefit of people,” he added.

Gabriel Boric’s reaction

president Gabriel Burek He was in the middle of Women’s Day in La Moneda when he was notified of a commando coup at Santiago Airport.

“I want to express my solidarity and send a big hug to the family of a DGAC official. We know that security is a priority for Chilean men and women, and when there is insecurity, the rest cringes,” he said.

The money arrived in Chile on a Latin American flight from Miami.  Photo: Reuters
The money arrived in Chile on a Latin American flight from Miami. Photo: Reuters

He lamented, “This assault may be frustrating, but at a very terrible cost, the cost of human lives.” He concluded, “From our government, we will continue to act tirelessly, justly, and with full force of the law, against crime and those who endanger the lives of our citizens.”

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Surveys of citizens revealed an alarming rise in the perception of insecurity in Chilean society for months.

The Paz Ciudadana Foundation published last October that fear of being a victim of crime grew 7.6%, to 28% nationwide, the highest number in 22 years.

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