Columbia Threadneedle Completes Purchase of BMO’s EMEA Asset Management Business

Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ acquisition of BMO’s EMEA asset management business is now official. The director, which is part of Ameriprise Financial, has announced the closing of the acquisition announced on April 12, 2021. With the purchase of this business portion of BMO, Colombia Threadneedle se 113 billion euros in assets under management. This brings the total volume of assets under management to 617.000 million.

Three Districts Columbia Threadneedle Strengthens With BMO

With this acquisition, Columbia Threadneedle will strengthen its presence and capacity in areas of increasing importance in the European and global asset management sector, such as:

  • Responsible Investment (IR): Columbia Threadneedle and BMO GAM (EMEA) have teamed up on responsible investing. Its philosophy is based on creating value through research, promoting real change through active ownership, and partnering with clients to provide innovative IR solutions. Together, they managed Total assets of €42.4 billion in investor relations strategies and funds across all asset classes.
  • Alternative Products: With the union of both companies, they created a file Global trade in alternative products valued at more than 40,660 million euros. This figure includes UK, European and US real estate, infrastructure, venture capital (private equity) and hedge funds. They are products, they assert, with the ability to respond to increasing customer demand for diversified, less liquid assets as stand-alone strategies or within tailored solutions.
  • Solutions: Columbia Threadneedle has already provided wallets that meet regulatory requirements (such as Solvency II and Basel III standards) for insurance companies and banks. Also customized solutions for subsidiary consulting partners. On the other hand, BMO GAM (EMEA) owns four leading European Liability-Based Investment (LDI) companies, as well as a well-established credit management company. Generally, Its solutions business is the entry point for more than 173 billion euros of customer assets. or approximately 30% of the total volume of assets under management. The acquisition also adds to Columbia Threadneedle’s offering with BMO GAM Managed Investment Funds (EMEA) and Multi-facility management group. Similarly, the process will entail Some US asset management clients moved to Columbia Threadneedle, at a later time, provided that the customer gives his consent.
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