Colombia: Petro renewed the formation of the government in the face of obstacles to its main reforms | The President of Colombia introduced changes in seven ministries

colombian president, Gustavo PetroAnd He renewed seven ministries this Wednesday and surrounded himself with old political allies At a time when the government is facing difficulties in Congress approving its reforms, such as those that seek to limit private sector involvement in the health system. In power since August 7, Petro finds it hard to implement the profound changes he promised in the campaignThe traditional parties that supported the formation of his government gradually distanced themselves with the passage of time in both chambers.

What are the Petro changes?

Today a new government is being formed that will help advance the government programmeIt is a program that will be the basis for an open and honest national agreement to continue working in the service of communities across the country.” Petro In a statement announcing the replacements as part of a commitment to “seek the best living conditions for all citizens”.

Among the most important changes are those of the finance ministers. Jose Antonio Ocampo, is considered a trusted name in the markets; internal Alfonso Prada; health, Carolina CorkHe was severely criticized by some sectors for his health reform project, which was partly the cause of the ministerial crisis.

agriculture ministers, Cecilia Lopez; Sciences, Arthur Moon; Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Sandra Urrutia, and Transport, William Reyes, criticized for managing the air crisis in the country. The new ministers announced by Petro are: Finance Ricardo Bonilla. Interiors, Luis Fernando Velasco; Cheers, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo; Agriculture, Jennifer Mojica; Flag, Yesenia Superior; Information and Communication Technology, Mauricio Lescano, and Transportation, William Camargo.

Lizcano, who was the director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency, was replaced by Carlos Ramón González. Many of the new ministers were secretaries of the Petro during his tenure as mayor of Bogota between 2012 and 2015as with Bonilla, Jaramillo, and Camargo.

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Petro’s remarks came after a session in the House of Representatives in which health reform was scheduled to be discussed on Tuesday was postponed due to a lack of a quorum. The Colombian president was counting on the parties that supported him last year for tax reform to also approve this project, but the parties of the Liberals, Conservatives and the People’s Union announced that they would not vote on the government project, which led to announcing the end of the coalition.

In addition to reforming the health system, Petro is promoting a labor reform project and another to reform the pension system. The health reform has already caused the departure of three ministers in February, including Education Minister Alejandro Gaviria, after his criticisms of the bill were leaked to the press.

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