Colombia generates $3,500 million in investments and credits

The President of the Republic, Yvan Duque Marquez, confirmed that his visit to Glasgow, France, the United Arab Emirates and Israel leaves more than 3.5 billion dollars in investments and credit resources for Colombia.

“We are very pleased and satisfied with the achievement of the objectives of this international tour,” the president declared in Tel Aviv, concluding his visit to Israel with a meeting in the technology district of Start-Up Nation Central, and said that “total balance, there is more than $3,500 million between investments, credit resources and resources facilitator for our country.”

The head of state, who arrived in Glasgow (Scotland, United Kingdom) on October 31 to participate in the COP26 climate summit, noted that the result in the four countries visited “in foreign direct investment resources is more than 2500 million dollars. Concessional and fiduciary resources and cooperation in environmental matters exceed $1,000 million.

“We saw it for the first time in Glasgow. More than $1,000 million in loans, aid resources, contingent resources and technical cooperation are in support of the Columbia Environmental Agenda,” he explained.

In France, he added, “deals were closed for more than 2,300 million dollars of investments in our country.” President Duque noted that “in the UAE, more than $70 million of investments have been consolidated in a few days, but there is also potential to further strengthen trade relations.” Finally, from Israel “we are leaving with investments of more than $70 million”.

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