Colombia and the United States begin international air exercises Lightning VI الجوية

Deployment of F-16 and Kfir fighters

F16 during training. Photos: Jonathan Ortiz for

07/17/2021 | black

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The Colombian Air Force (Act) and based on United State (US Air ForceThey started their participation in the international exercise Sixth lightning, which occurs over the sky of Colombia, more precisely than Cacom Air Combat Command No. 5 It is located in the city of Ríonegro in the northeast of the country which will continue this week.

Columbia published units of IAI Kefir C 10/12 kw, while the US Air Force, its team consisting of Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 (consisting of five F16C and F16D), in a series of missions aimed at Strengthening interoperability, guidelines, tactics, techniques and doctrines between both forces, within the framework of standards OTAN, an organization of which Colombia is a global partner.

In the development of maneuvers, special emphasis will be placed on On S-type missions.EAADIn other words, the destruction of anti-aircraft defenses, operations in which the Congolese armed forces are constantly trained, as well as in air support, surveillance and control of the airspace.

Sixth lightning This happens thanks to the close relations between the two countries in terms of defense and security, and as a strategic ally of the South American country, as well as with the aim of deterring potential regional threats against Colombia.

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