Coca-Cola and State Farm jump off the boat

The official shooting competition is temporarily losing two of its biggest sponsors.

picture Activision Blizzard has gone under in recent weeks after hearing a complaint from California for alleged cases Harassment, sexual assault and discrimination towards the company’s workers. All this after more than 2 years of researchthat led Workers’ rebellion The company and the subsequent reaction on the part of its management, who It led to more protests. In this case, Shepherds From official game competitions such as Note and watch Not long in abandon ship.

As mentioned The Washington Post, la denominada Overwatch League Temporarily lose 2 Of its seven universal patrons, and they are not unimportant names. They are around Coca-Cola y State FarmThe first is known to all of you and the second is the largest insurance company in the United States and Sponsor of countless tournamentsand sports competitions and teams such as the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.

Coca-Cola does not confirm whether its departure will be permanentIn separate communications to the above media, a representative state farm It states that the companyRe-evaluate our limited relationship Marketing partners with the Overwatch League and “requested” that no ads be shown [de State Farm] during this weekend’s games. from Coca-Cola They claim to be “aware of the allegations surrounding Activision Blizzard” and are studying the situation closely. “We work with our Blizzard partners like we do Take a step back to review future plans and programs,” they add.

The most interesting is that Coca-Cola refused to confirm If they are going to finish forever For his relationship with the Overwatch League, or if his departure was only temporary. Raised the scope of the allegations against Activision Blizzard Ubisoft Employee Solidarity and support messages By people like Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, plus leads to The departure of Blizzard’s president. Regardless, the company expects games like Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 continue to develop Normally.

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