Club Chivas will have their own Netflix series

The recordings of the Chivas series on Netflix did bring some problems with the coaching staff.

Mexico. – Netflix The development of a series based on Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Chivas), which for some time sank in the seas of medium football.

According to journalist David Medrano, Amaury Vergara, owner of the website Chivas, It was found Personal supervision of recordings. As we know, he is so passionate about cinema that he produced some material before taking his father’s place in the popular Liga MX team.

Board expectations regarding this Series Based on Chivas They are uppercase characters, because they know very well what the brand means in Mexico and the United States. Hence, all the facilities are given to filmmakers.

Club Chivas chain registration causes friction

However, Recordings Implemented for Series from NetflixWhat or what He does not have a release date yet, Brought quite a few issues to the interior of the Guadalajara Sports Club.

As David Medrano explained, producers sometimes require soccer players to make certain moves to comply with the required shots, which in some way It contrasts with the work done by Victor Manuel VucicInterrogate the first-team coach.

There were strong discussions even between the heads of the technical body and the developers Series Dependent Chivas.

Club Chivas achieved another failure

It would be difficult for my producer Netflix Find current success stories at Chivas, Since 2017 the championship has not been dropped. Additionally, from that date until now, they only qualified once to Liguilla.

As if that wasn’t enough, everything seems to indicate that an Guadalajara Sports Club It can lead to a new failure by virtue of the fact that it falls into the fifteenth step, three steps less than those that allow access to the playoffs.

That’s why rumors point to it Victor Manuel Vucic will be removed from office Before the opening of 2021.

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