Close aircraft that illegally sprayed and damaged nearby crops

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Córdoba reported that in the city of Serrano, inspectors from the General Directorate of Inspection and Control together with members of the Southern Rural Commissary patrol closed an aircraft intended for spraying chemical and biological products for agricultural use.

This action was due to several serious reasons: the vehicle was not registered or licensed in the county registry that regulates the activity and the use of agrochemicals was carried out without a mandatory phytosanitary prescription.

To make matters worse, during the inspection of the facility, herbicides were used to dry the soybeans to be harvested, which resulted in damage to crops in the neighboring fields.


According to the official statement, the process started after receiving complaints to 0800 8888 AGRO, which is a special line for reporting this type of request that does not comply with current regulations that ensure the safety of sprays and do not harm them, according to the standards of the District Law No. 9164 that governs chemical and biological products for agricultural use. .

It should be noted that this regulation provides for penalties for the responsible user and for damages that are caused to third parties during the activity of the applicants.

For this reason, the Agricultural Portfolio reported that “corresponding records have been prepared and legal procedures have begun to determine the degree of responsibilities of the responsible user and the air applicant, who must also be liable for damages to third parties during the exercise. Of the activity.”

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All information collected, such as weather conditions at the time the application was submitted, was promptly made available to justice.

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