Climber captured the moment he was hit by an avalanche in Asia | great video

A group of 10 climbers were surprised by a big avalanche While hiking in the Tian Shan Mountains located in Middle Asia, Friday evening. Pictures They were recorded by a hiker who moved a little further from the group to take pictures from the edge of a cliff and Record the avalanche from start to finish. Two members of the group are injured, but are in trouble.

mountain range Tian Shan In the The border area between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the People’s Republic of China. The tourists, 9 British and 1 American, were taking a guided tour of the site and reached the highest point of the walk. The man who recorded the video said that if they had taken the faster route, the avalanche would have hit them more violently.

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While taking pictures, I heard a deep sound of ice cracking behind me. This is where the video begins. “I was already there for a few minutes, so I knew there was a place to take refuge next to me,” said backpacker Harry Chimin on his Instagram account, where he posted pictures of the avalanche moving at full speed.

Despite the horrific photos he took, Harry admitted it His life was in danger To survive until the last second, he records with his cell phone the huge mass of snow that descended unbridled down the mountain hill. “I felt like I was in control, but in spite of everything, when it started snowing and it got dark I was having trouble breathing, I was covered and thought I might die‘, he confirmed.

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Two people were injured

After emerging from a “little” layer of snow that was covering his body, Harry approached the rest of the group and confirmed that they were all safe. Only one member of the team sustained a deep cut to his knee and another fell off a horse and was slightly injured. “Everyone in the group laughed and cried, happy to be aliveShe recalls, the next day, after spending several hours in the local hospital to which she was taken on horseback, the American citizen who had cut her knee to the bone returned home to continue her recovery.

Why did the avalanche occur?

Meteorologists estimate that the avalanche that surprised a group of tourists on Friday afternoon in the Tian Shan Mountains could be caused by The collapse of the top of the glacier. The high temperatures that hit the region in recent weeks, as a result of a heat wave, may have affected the climate catastrophe through destabilization of the glacier structure.

Avalanche in the Italian Alps

Since a week 11 climbers died After a portion of the Marmolada glacier, the largest in the Dolomites, collapsed in Italian Alps. Several helicopters participated in the rescue and monitoring operations, since the battalion occurred a day after its arrival Record temperatures at the top of the glacier, 10 degrees Celsius.

The work of the rescuers was especially difficult, because they had to pull the bodies out of the ice and rocks on which they lay. A cell of psychologists was also activated to help the relatives of the victims.

Global warming is causing the world’s largest glacier to melt

In its latest report, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned that the planet is approaching the threshold of warming that scientists are trying to prevent: in the next five years, there is a 50% chance that the Earth will temporarily exceed 1.5 degrees of unwanted increase.

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The Marmolada glacier is experiencing a gradual decline due to Global Warming Which, in particular, led to higher average temperatures. In 2021, the average global temperature was 1.1 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial reference levels, according to data from the World Meteorological Organization.

“For weeks, high temperatures in the Alps have been well above normal values, while last winter There was a little snowwhich hardly protect the ice basins anymore,” emphasized Renato Colucci, a specialist at the Polar Sciences Institute of the National Research Council (CNR).

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