Climate change: UK average temperature increased by 0.8°C

Information published in office met, the UK Meteorological Agency, notes that climate change is causing The average temperature in the UK rose by 0.8°CRainfall is 7.3% and insolation is 5.6%. Climate change is affecting many British cities.

The publication, whose authorship belongs to Graham Madge, the press officer of the Bureau of Meteorology, indicates that the warming was greater in parts of the center and East of England. In these areas, the temperature has risen by more than 1°C. The information compared two 30-year periods (1961-1990 and 1991-2020). According to the instructions World Meteorological Organization Climate is measured with average periods of 30 years. Known as “normal weather” periods, they serve as a benchmark against which weather observation records can be compared to put them in context.

Climate change is driving up temperatures in the UK

Mark McCarthy Director of the National Climatic Information Center of the Bureau of Meteorology, who is responsible for managing the UK’s climate records, said: “The release of climate data from the past 30 years is an ideal opportunity to describe some of the extreme changes taking place in the UK’s climate over the past six decades.”

“The main consequence of climate change in the UK is that temperatures are higher than they were before. Especially in the north. If you look at the average temperature for example in Hull, between 1991 and 2020, this was on average higher than at Heathrow, London, during the previous climatic period (1961-1990) McCarthy explained that average temperatures formerly restricted to London and parts of southernmost England now reach 250 km north.

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“During the periods, rainfall generally increased. The meteorologist concluded that the average temperature increased most in the counties of the interior of North London.

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