Climate change is already affecting sport

theto discuss Climate changeits proximity, its consequences, and possible ways to reverse it, it has an answer for Pancho CampoClimate change is the greatest challenge to our planet, our society, our economy and ourselves as individuals. And it is not debatable: it does exist and its effects are visible. Pancho is an elite tennis coach, along with the legendary Nick Politeri And with tennis players like Agassi As for Edberg. His subsequent activism led him to work alongside former UN Secretary-General Kofi Ananformer President of the United States and Vice President Barack Obama Obama and al injustice or stars of caliber The scorpion Or Enrique Iglesias.

Now, through Future Planet FoundationIt devotes time, efforts and resources to fight for the future and leave a legacy for new generations. For this work has diving under Snowy, covered with icePolar cap study green landSwim among sharks or skydive to find and show evidence—presented at conferences and as teaching materials—why the world is risking its future and what can and should be done against it. Focusing on his world: sports.

Nowadays, a certain “philosophy” tries to turn facts into opinions in order to make them relativistic. However, it is difficult to object to figures such as those indicating that, in Spain, Six of the top 10 average temperatures Autumn has been given in the past half-century since 2006 (and the record high, in 2022, after the warmest summer on record). in a 2015At the Paris conference, the international community committed to preventing a rise in global temperatures 1.5 points to your GPA But, according to NASA, at the current rate this figure will be reached in 10 years and two degreesIn the middle of the century.

It is no longer about working in the long run. We have very little time left.”

Pancho Campo. President of the Future Planet Foundation

By then it will be climate change Irreversible and its consequences (decreased in flow Of the rivers, the expansion of the climate dryIncreased heat waves, drought and meteorological phenomena extremists…) will have a huge social impact. But since 2015 the global average temperature Didn’t stop rising. According to the World Meteorological Organization, Seven warmest years on record As long as there have been records, it has happened since then. The reason, greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. “in some areas It’s hard to livewarns the United Nations.

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Pancho Campo dives into Greenland to study the state of the polar ice.

And sports are no strangers to change, nor entirely innocent at that contribution The same. For example, “Sport winter They were affected,” Campo asserts. At the Winter Games, since Sochi 2014, it has been artificial snow It is no longer a resource but an essential component.” And that snow raises costs as well as being less competitively good. Athletes like Lucas Egobar or ander miramble They testify that each year the average temperatures are warmer and the weather more volatile.

Events like the overnight Singapore GP cause a huge carbon footprint

Events like the overnight Singapore GP cause a huge carbon footprintXPB

A study by the University of Waterloo (Canada) indicates that, at this rate, only one place has ever hosted the Winter Games (Sapporo) can be safely repeated in 2080. In 2050, even with the most favorable climate projections, only 3 of 12 European They can also repeat it without a doubt. Stations in the Alps, such as Saint Firmin and others, have re-transformed their activity because Shortage The snow made it uninhabitable and others such as Tignes or Les Deux Alpes were also affected. Alpine glaciers Dachstein, one of the places you can ski in the summer, it is now not suitable for summer or autumn and must be converted for winter. The Bolivian resort of Chacaltaya, 5,400 meters above sea level, ran out of snow in 2009. And in 2022 we could see that the Winter Ski Jumping World Cup should begin – in WhistlaPoland- no snow.

With the current development

With current weather developments, by 2040 St Andrews and other golf cathedrals may become impractical.

in it TennisTraditionally a summer sport, extreme heat is also a growing problem. The Australian Open, traditionally the “warmest” event, had to enforce your own heat rules, Create levels from 1 to 5. In the latter, it is only allowed to play in indoor courts, with air conditioning, “which in turn also generates greenhouse gases,” says Campo. A combination of extreme heat and drought is preferred firesthat add pollution to the list. These, so frequent in Australia, have caused tournament upsets in recent years. In 2020, there was a suspension for this reason and poisoning of tennis players. The increasing frequency and geographic reach of extreme heat events increases the risk to athletes Meltdowns and heatstrokes. The general population is advised to refrain from outdoor exercise in extreme heat, but professionals cannot do so and their performance and safety is affected. in the Olympic Games in summer Tokyo 2020 Marathon and march They were specifically taken to Sapporo, because the heat made their practice in Tokyo useless.

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Also in golf The effect is visible. In Florida, the mecca of the sport, the streets in Miami are being repaired themselves due to the increase in sea ​​level But this cannot be done on golf courses and they are exposed Drown A lot after a “minor” rain. in a ScotlandThis summer also saw record temperatures, the historic golf course recently Carnoustienext to the coast, was practically submerged while it is feared that in the year 2040 the “cathedrals” St Andrews, Muirfield, Royal Troon or Turnberry it is not practical. In California and Australia they add Drought and fires. “Defending” against these conditions forces some Invoices It can make facility maintenance which is also an economic engine unsustainable. Players like Ernie Els And the tiger the forest They talked about “normalizing” the fields, so that they didn’t require as much care or water.

And there are many examples: beach sports, air sports… – The increase in temperature leads to loss of air density and turbulence -. the Divingwhich is greatly affected by the general pollution of the oceans and pollution caused by global warming, which forces all its practitioners to become familiar with and realize the situation.

In 2020 the Australian Open struggled

In 2020, the Australian Open suffered a “perfect storm” of sweltering heat and fire pollution.

Campo believes that sports should be aware of their situation and situation Effect And how can you mitigate that. “Sports leaves a carbon footprint equivalent to that pass, pass, pass completion. Polluting gases are emitted from the construction of stadiums, because Builds It is more polluting than oil, travel, artificial turf production, air conditioning … ”In addition, to correct the situation, it is necessary to find out how much it caused, and in general, this is unknown. Some organizations practice greenwashing, describing themselves as sustainable without actually being. For example, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar Presented as a carbon neutral event…but counting 3.6 megaton emissions. Studies like the one conducted by Lancaster University confirm that 10.

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“In general, sports follow the patterns of other industries. Outside of cement construction, most emissions come from Transportation. In case Formula 1 and motorcycles Emissions from competition are negligible: almost everything comes from the moves of equipment, materials and backers. Your goal to be neutral In emissions in 2030 is impossible. In 2018 they released 257,000 tonsAnd with such facts in GP SingaporeAt night, huge diesel generators stay running all week to keep the lights on day and night.

“the Tennis He also pollutes a lot and doesn’t realize it. The bulk of the emissions are the many trips you make, but a huge amount of energy is also used. plastic. Next, synthetic pathways are synthesized from derivatives petroleumCampo isn’t in favor of recycling: “It’s valid for what’s already made, but the really efficient thing is.” Stop producing pollutantsAnd when talking about replacing energy sources, we must also take into account that 72% of electricity is produced using fossil fuels.

But athletes are usually aware of the situation when they encounter it. Pancho quotes about Sergio scariello, the national basketball coach, who, upon being informed of the state of the situation, his first reaction was to ask what sports could do to help. Campo believes that “despite the discussion of climate change politicized Sports field neutral. Athletes represent a unique language that unites millions of people. Awareness must be created among elite athletes and that they contribute to every person who takes it. They will own more popular effect From the United Nations or all the experts in the world.”

We still have it in our hands that climate change is irreversible.”

Pancho Campo. President of the Future Planet Foundation

And the situation is inevitable. “It no longer works in the long run, because There are only 12 years left to reach an irreversible situation. Then the higher urgings will arrive, from the United Nations or from the state. But we don’t have a deadline anymore. Climate change will not come. It has already arrived, and it is still in our hands that it is not final.”

At the moment, sports initiatives are mainly individual, like that of a young athlete Ennis Fitzgerald, who went to Europe across the country by train instead of by plane because of his concern about climate change. The goal is for the measures to be broader and far-reaching. Campo is planning an amazing event that will bring together the entire sports world in a massive effort for them…and for all of us.

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