Claudia Lopez noted that if a new peak of infection arrives, the restrictions will be for the unvaccinated.

Movistar Arena has expanded its capacity to continue to advance its COVID-19 vaccination plan in Bogota. (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

This Wednesday August 4th Health Secretariat of Bogotá The circulation of the delta variant in the country’s capital, which was identified in four patients after genetic monitoring by the University of Los Andes and regional authorities, was confirmed.

Four of the approximately 300 samples we took and sequentially sequenced were positive for the delta variantThe Minister of Health, Alejandro Gómez, indicated.

After confirming that this infectious variant is indeed spreading in the city, the mayor Claudia Lopez Uncover what measures management can take if a fourth spike in infection occurs.

In a conversation with Radio Bleu, the president emphasized that biosafety and self-care measures on the part of the citizens of Bogotá would be vital to countering a new rise in infections.

“We are not like last year where we had to stay home infected and uninfected. Now it turns out that about half of the population of Bogotá has already been vaccinated, but many of those who could and should be vaccinated did not because they did not want to”Lopez pointed out.

He added that the restrictive measures applied will be mainly for those who have not been vaccinated. “We are in the process of increasing the educational campaign and increasing vaccination and we are waiting for the national government legislation, But these measures will be applied to those who do not want to be vaccinated.”

The president insisted on the need to implement the Covid passport, so that those who have been vaccinated can have more mobility than the rest of the citizens.

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“It no longer makes sense for us to restrict people That if you take care of yourself and get vaccinated, the restrictions will be on those who don’t.”And specified in the station.

A pregnant woman prepares to receive the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 authorized for expectant mothers at the Cayetano Cañizares Coliseum in Bogota (Colombia).  EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive
A pregnant woman prepares to receive the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 authorized for expectant mothers at the Cayetano Cañizares Coliseum in Bogota (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive

So far, the delta variant is not dominant in the city, nor in the country, that is, it is not the source of most infections, but The Secretary of Health predicts that this will likely become the case, as has happened in the United States and other countries.

The best we can do as a city is continue the vaccination process. Get the full dose for people over 50, all of whom we lost. Other age stages are also open, but let me insist that vaccination schedules be completed for people 50 and older.The official said.

In addition to compliance with vaccination, other biosecurity measures must be maintained to avoid infection of any type of COVID-19, such as hand washing, constant use of masks, social distancing, and avoiding places where there are more people.

So far, scientific information confirms that the delta variant is more contagious, but there is no evidence that it can increase mortality. In addition to, All vaccines available to date are effective against the COVID-19 strainTherefore, health authorities invite you to speed up compliance with vaccination, in order to avoid further infection.

The spread of the delta-type coronavirus has caused the herd immunity threshold to exceed 80% and possibly approach 90%.According to a briefing from American Infectious Diseases Association held on Tuesday in the United States.

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This represents a “significantly higher” bar than previous estimates of 60% Al 70%, why Delta twice transferable, He said Richard Franco, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is becoming increasingly clear that it is a very dangerous virus, and much more dangerous than the original virusFranco said.

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