Ciencia highlights the “innovative” activity involved in the “Allande Stars” project to attract tourism to rural areas

Oviedo, December 21 (Europe Press) –

On Wednesday, the Minister of Science, Innovation and the University, Borja Sánchez, participated in the Science Tourism Conference held in Alandi, the only Asturian municipality with a Starlight Certificate, as a stargazing point within the “Alandi Stars” project. . The consultant highlighted the extent of “innovation” in this activity to attract tourism to rural municipalities.

The Chancellor set Allande as an example of a municipality active in scientific tourism and highlighted the “Allande Stars” programme, a citizen science initiative that promotes star tourism as an activity that contributes to the development of rural areas promoted by the City Council and the astrophysicist from Allandes Lucía González.

Allande Stars, he said, is an example of how a “very innovative” and “unprecedented in Asturias” activity can “energize a council” and attract heritage-related tourism, linking it to gastronomy or hiking.

Sanchez announced that the emirate will make a special commitment to bringing science and innovation closer to the territory. To this end, the allocations to be allocated to the Local Technology Activation Centers (CDTL) for the development of projects in councils with a population of less than 20,000 inhabitants have been increased, and the network of scientific councils will be strengthened, with an allocation of 100,000 euros that will be channeled through an agreement with the Federation of Asturian Councils (FACC). .

The goal is for more initiatives to emerge like Allande’s, because it’s a “very direct” way to get the public involved so they get these programs to the boards, and a “seasonal tweak” to the flag and take it “beyond” the Flag Week held in November.

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