Christmas 2022: How to Make the Richest Looney Tunes

Vitel Toné is a Christmas classic.

The arrived December 24th And with it, dinner good night and the birthday They are closer. Preparations to live End of the year parties Happy with friends and family already started.

when they are already armed Christmas treeaccommodate Christmas decorations And gifts bought, it’s time to think about what to please guests with at Christmas dinner. good night or lunch birthdayor what to bring to share with our hosts should you be invited.

In our country, there are some distinctive dishes that accompany the tables of Argentines on this date, such as Vinegar tongueAnd the Salty BionoAnd the Russian saladAnd the Manal And of course, Vettel tone.

the Vettel tone It is a dish of Italian, or more precisely, Piedmontese origin, and is known as vitel tonnà As for Vitello Tonnato In Italian, what does that mean? Beef with tuna.

However, although it was born in Piedmont due to the fact that its inhabitants had access to meat and tuna due to its proximity to the port of Genoa, the truth is that with the migration of Italians to Argentina the dish continued to be made in it. lands. It has even been adopted as a holiday signature food, in contrast to its use in its original setting where it is not usually served at birthday No The new yearIt is an old dish.

The truth is that although it is a signature dish of End of the year partiesIt can also be made and enjoyed all year round without any problem. Next, we share the recipe for making a file Vettel tone richer.

Vitel toné was created in Italy but has been adopted in Argentina as a classic Christmas dish.
Vitel toné was created in Italy but has been adopted in Argentina as a classic Christmas dish.

for Prepared by Vitello Tony we need:

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– 800 grams of veal or pesto

To prepare the sauce:

– 1 celery stalk

– A pinch of rosemary

– A pinch of parsley

– 5 cans of tuna

– 4 anchovies

250 ml of mayonnaise

– 1 carrot

Meat broth

– 2 tbsp. of olive oil

100 milliliters of white wine

– A pinch of black pepper

– A pinch of salt


Vitel toné is a dish of Italian origin.
Vitel toné is a dish of Italian origin.

It is an excellent dish to serve good nightAnd the birthdayAnd the The new year And even for cooking after the holidays, it’s a great way to eat fresh meat during the summer. Make vitel tone It’s easy, but it takes dedication. In order to cook the richest of all, you need to follow these steps:

1) Boil the pesto for 1 hour in a general saucepan or 40 minutes in a pressure cooker with the broth. Before doing this, you can soak it overnight in white wine, tying it so that it does not lose its shape.

2) Meanwhile, mix the tuna, anchovies, celery stalk, capers, and carrots with the meat broth (you can use the one made when the pesto is boiled). Add rosemary, parsley, olive oil, black pepper, and salt to taste.

3) Cut the pesto into slices (thick or thin as desired) and pour the sauce over. Add more capers on top, then take it to the fridge and let it cool. Then serve it and enjoy it.

It should be noted that adding capers (which contribute to the saltiness of the dish) as well as anchovies (which enhance the taste of tuna) depends on the personal taste and preference of each family when it comes to enjoying Vettel tone.

Vitel toné could not be missing from the Christmas table.
Vitel toné could not be missing from the Christmas table.

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