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Chris Rock On several occasions it was considered the best monologue in United State and the United Kingdom, but now the presenter got into a controversy after he made a sarcastic comment towards his wife will SmithAnd the Jada PinkettIn the Oscar Awards.

Smith could not contain himself before the comedian’s words, and while he was speaking, Will rose from his chair in the Academy theatre, walked towards him and slapped him before sitting back and leaving everyone present speechless. But who is Chris Rock and what is he really famous for?

Chris Rock’s beginnings in comedy

Chris is an American comedian, producer, musician, and actor who has spent more than 30 years of his life devoting himself to entertainment and show business.

According to the review SpanishHis presentations on Comedy Central and on the top comedy networks in the United States earned him 4 Emmys and 3 Grammy.

The aggressive humor of Chris Rock is widely known in the audiovisual sector of his country, and this is the most attractive point for television channels and media events that consider him the main image of various award ceremonies.

Memes that have appeared on social networks from slap Will Smith to Chris Rock

He’s been doing this since 1990 when he became famous thanks to Saturday Night Live.

Tough moments in Chris Rock’s childhood

But the confidence and security that Chris showed today, was not always present in his childhood. As a high school kid, the now-comedian was bullied by his peers for being black. In fact, he was attacked because of the color of his skin.

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That is why his parents decided to take him out of school and little Chris had to go to work.

After dropping out of his studies, he began working in fast food restaurants, and as a night cleaner for tables in clubs and bars until they let him go on stage and show his talent as a comedian. In one of his shows, the actor Eddie Murphy He saw him and then talked to him to help him with his career.

Many years later, when he was already winning on television in his own country, he met Rock Compton angel He married her on November 23, 1996, and had two daughters with her: Lola and Zahraa.

Unfortunately, the couple decided to separate due to infidelity on the part of Chris, among which there are rumors, one of those was extramarital affairs with Will Smith’s wife.

The truth is that Chris has never failed to grab the attention of US headlines. And he was always associated with various controversies, such as the one in 2019, when, along with other celebrities, he invested in a California cannabis brand, referring to him at the time as a “loyal consumer of cannabis”. (And the)

Will Smith and Chris Rock have already made peace after their fight at the Oscars

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