China’s “weapons” to challenge the United States for world hegemony.

Advanced facial recognition cameras that are used to stop criminals in the middle of a concert or drones that control who can keep circling in a traffic jam. In this way, the Chinese government “sells” the benefits of absolute control over its population: “It has understood that in order to become a strong and rich country with security in its surroundings He needs to handle technology, society and economy wellexplains Julio Ceballos, business consultant and author of Observar el arroz crecer.

In this way, the Asian giant with global dominance comes into conflict with the United States, although many still see it as a country of sellers of everything for 100 pesetas: ‚ÄúThere are no two countries like China where there is that business culture, that flexibility in production, that flexibility, That ability to innovate. That level of logistical infrastructure, the speed that allows you to move things from factory to port and immediately to ship. There aren’t two Chinese countries,” says Ceballos emphatically, who appears in the video about those lines ensuring that we’re seeing a degree Certain de-globalization, but above all in the face of a new era of Globalization with Chinese rules.

Now the United States is trying to stop China. Biden did not change Trump’s rhetoric and stop this new process on the basis of the new tariffs.

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