“China will become Argentina’s main trading partner, replacing Brazil.”

Argentine ambassador in Beijing, Sabino Vaca Narvajadraft it In the next three or four years, China will become Argentina’s main trading partner, replacing Brazil.She stressed that it was wrong to “think of the relationship with the United States and with the Asian giant” as a matter of contention.

After Argentina joined the Gaza Strip and the Silk Road in the last presidential round, the Argentine diplomat estimated that Trade with China will increase, becoming the country’s main trading partner within 3 or 4 years.

China was already Argentina’s main trading partner for several months last year, and with the entry of the Silk Road, trade will increase; s China displacement to Brazil Becoming the main trading partner of Argentina, Vaca Narvaga crossed in an interview with El Cronista.

In the same way, the ambassador stated that the trade relationship with China should not be seen as a dilemma compared to the United States.

It would be wrong to view the relationship with the United States and China as a matter of contention. They are each other’s major trading partners and have the highest degree of integration of global value chains in the world.The official said.

For his part, he stressed that entering the sector and the road is an opportunity for Argentina because it is a complementary economy with China, a country with increasingly larger middle sectors that are acquiring new Western consumption patterns, and can become in many Argentine food products.

He pointed out that the integration of the state in both agreements is not only related to infrastructure work, as he pointed out that there is a World Bank report highlighting that the countries that joined have expanded their trade with China.

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Argentina was one of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that received the most Chinese investment, handle. He noted that 40% of what China has invested in the region so far has reached the country and has been applied to large infrastructure works.

In conclusion, the ambassador in Beijing welcomed China’s support in negotiations with the People’s Republic of China International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The support from China has been strong and not only in the framework of the negotiations that we are having at the IMF, but also in terms of financial support such as the currency swap that our central bank and our counterpart in the People’s Bank of China have done. Working on. In addition to the SDR-related support negotiated by Minister (Economy, Martin) Guzmán”Vaca Narvaja said.

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