China responded to Biden for his words on Taiwan: ‘It’s a serious violation’ | The US President said he was ready to intervene militarily in the face of a Chinese attack on the island

Recent statements by the President of the United States, Joe Bidenin which he asserted that the United States was ready to intervene militarily in Taiwan, once again strained relations with China. Mao Ning warned of a “serious violation of the important commitment of the United States not to support Taiwan independence.”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Biden showed an interview with CBS, which was broadcast on Sunday, in which the US president, when asked if the United States would defend Taiwan, responded, saying: “Yes, in an unprecedented attack.”

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman considered Biden’s remarks They “sent a bad and serious signal to support the Taiwanese separatist forces” and continue to violate the “One China” agreement.Which Washington has seized since 1979 when it decided to cut diplomatic relations with the island.

Since then, the United States has continued to recognize Beijing as the sole representative of China., when he began to build strong commercial bonds, although he did not stop supporting the breakaway island. The moment of current tension has been unleashed by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to TaiwanSpeaker of the US House of Representatives and a key ally of Biden.

Despite Biden’s statements. The Chinese spokeswoman said the Asian giant “is ready to make sincere efforts to move towards the horizon of peaceful reunification.”but without condoning “any activity that seeks to divide the country”, i.e. implying Taiwan independence.

Since Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, the breakaway island’s capital, China has increased its military tests at sea. In fact, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported last week that Chinese military drones crossed the Formosa Strait for the first time, an unofficial border with tacit respect. Al Jazeera denounced this a week before planes and about 25 Chinese ships did so.

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Chinese military exercises respond to increased arms supply in Taiwan And to Pelosi’s visit to a key geographic area in the event of an armed conflict between Washington and Beijing.

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