Chile remains on alert over Villarrica volcano activity What's happening on the border with Neuquen?

Chile's Villarrica volcano, near Neuquen, remains on yellow alert, 30 minutes later Explosion “with emission of particles And glowing projectiles. There Four locations in the country across the Andes Where the warning remains this Thursday.

The National Disaster Prevention and Response System (Senapred) reported that there is an alert for municipalities Villarrica, Pucon and Corario In the region of La Araucanía and the municipality of Bangbully In the Los Rios area, due to the activity of the Villarrica volcano.

And also cinnapride Establishment of a security perimeter for the areas of La Araucanía and Los Rios, 500 meters around the active crater.indicating that access to the indicated area is restricted.

The authorities reported that The National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) continues “the permanent monitoring of the volcanic complex and the regional directorates of SENAPRED La Araucanía and Los Ríos will continue to coordinate with SINAPRED members to alert in a timely manner and provide an appropriate response to possible emergency situations.”«.

The Civil Defense in Neuquén explained that the recently recorded activity in the volcano in Chile does not have any kind of impact on the province.

Villarrica Volcano Alert: Explosion Has Happened

According to the latest Special Volcanic Activity Report (REAV)On Wednesday, July 10, at 9:04 p.m., surveillance cameras recorded “A explosion with particle emission And the glowing ballistic missiles towards the slopes of the volcanic monument.

He described that “The sediment extension reached approximately 500 m radially to the pit.In addition to a column of gases and ash exceeding 600 meters in height.

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He added that at the time of the eruption “a long-period (LP) type earthquake with low seismic efficiency (DR 7.3 cm*cm) was recorded and after that, no significant changes in the continuous seismic signal of the volcano were recorded.” Villarrica.

Villarrica Volcano: Moment of Explosion

They exchanged pictures from Sernagiomen of the moment of the explosion, which were recorded by cameras monitoring the activity of the rock mass.

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