Chile: Left-right coalitions elect candidates for president in primaries

Six cards from the two most traditional blocs in Chilean politics face each other in today’s primaries.

Primary elections take place on Sunday in Chile To select two candidates to compete in the presidential vote scheduled for November 21 in this country.

sum, There are 14,627,497 people in Chile and 65,936 abroad eligible to vote in this first process., which aims to choose between four candidates from the right and two from the left Two names (one for each block) will reach the main poll in November.

The two Chilean political blocs that will carry out an internal conflict To choose their only representative Chile Vamos Charter (List A), consisting mainly of right-wing parties, National Renewal (RN), the Autonomous Democratic Union (UDI) and Political Development (Evópoli) and an alliance Left I Agree with Dignity (List B), head The Communist Party (PC) and the broad front, as well as other social and independent currents.

The Citizens without political affiliationThey will be given a ballot paper with six names in dispute and they can choose any of them.

In the case of a voter registration in a political party, You can vote in the primary for the coalition that is integrated. Just for this chance Those who belong to political parties will not be able to vote which are not part of these two conglomerates.

Names of the Covenant I agree to dignity على

Daniel Gado, candidate of the Communist Party.
Daniel Gado, candidate of the Communist Party.

Competing for the Charter of Consent to Dignity Two names to get into the November pollCommunist Party fighter Daniel Gaddo Representative Gabriel Borek represents the Social Convergence Party.

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Daniel Gado is a famous politician, engineer and sociologist of Palestinian origin He is also the mayor of the municipality of Recoleta, located in Santiago, since 2012. According to surveys, He is the most likely candidate to be the next governor of Chile.

Among the main features of its program, Jadue promised to introduce a mining tax in a future government to increase state revenue and It has signaled its willingness to significantly reform Chile’s pension system.

What is more, He promised to support small and medium-sized businesses to tackle the rise in the minimum wage. I also mentioned the possibility Organizing the structure of the media So that they don’t have “vertical integration” like companies do.

Candidate Gabriel Borek.
Candidate Gabriel Borek.

Enfrenta a Gabriel Boric, who 35 years ago became a hero in Chilean politics with presidential aspirations. The representative was born in Punta Arenas He is the youngest name on the ballot for this primaries.

Among the main points of his program, Borek proposed re-establishing the Carabineros de Chile as a civilian police in favor of human rightsIn addition to the promise of economic and health recovery through a national welfare system, Mental health and career transformation plan so that you can ensure greater democratic participation Equality of employees in corporate directories.

He also put on the table the possibility of imposing a tax on the country’s “ultra-rich”.

Chile Vamos Alliance Names

Independent Democratic Union presidential candidate Joaquin Lavigne.
Independent Democratic Union presidential candidate Joaquin Lavigne.

In the primaries of the right-wing coalition “Chile Vamos” 4 candidates competeتنافس, men with long paths in politics and business: Joaquin Lavigne, Ignacio Briones, Sebastian Seychelles and Mario Desbordes.

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Joaquin Lavigne is a famous politician, A supporter of Augusto Pinochet during the Chilean military dictatorship and a member of Opus Dei. This is his third attempt to reach La Moneda and according to opinion polls, It is placed in second place of preferences for access to power.

In his program, he suggested Middle-class decentralized government, pensions of at least $250,000 ($330) for those over 80, adding a minimum of US$177,000 (US$234) for those in the country’s most vulnerable 60%. as promised Increase the resources of municipalities and regional governments, if you can get to La Moneda.

Mario Desbordes enters the Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago.
Mario Desbordes enters the Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago.

Another candidate who is part of the Chilean Vamos bloc is Mario Desbords, the former Carabinero and former Minister of Defense of this second state Pinera, who also He was the head of the National Renewal Party (RN).who left office last June.

Among his proposals to form a possible government محتمل Put an end to CAE, whose credits have funded and owed thousands of students الطلاب University students. Moreover, he argued that Levels of legitimacy and trust in Carabineros must be increased State intelligence reform.

The third letter from Chile Vamos is the former Minister of Social Development of Pinera, Sebastian Seychelles, who was the president of BancoEstado, this time It presents itself as independent in the internal struggle of this bloc.

The independent letter from the Chilean Vamos Bloc, Sebastian Seychelles.
The independent letter from the Chilean Vamos Bloc, Sebastian Seychelles.

Among its main propositions it stands out that, In the first 100 days of his final government, the bureaucracy will declineIn addition to liberalizing the enterprise and improving the protection network.

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With regard to pensions, Sichel proposed an enhanced system of individual pension savings, in which there will be an option to choose the type of administrator that the donor wants, in addition to establishing a solidarity fund whose purpose is to receive annual contributions from the state to ensure its balance.

Ignacio Briones was a former finance minister in Sebastian Pinera's current second term.
Ignacio Briones was a former finance minister in Sebastian Pinera’s current second term.

Finally, as the fourth card in this deck, He is also the former Finance Minister of Piñera Ignacio Briones. He is a famous commercial engineer and militant economist in the political party Evopoli.

Among his proposals for the formation of a possible government, Briones has stated that he plans to end inequality in pensions, health and educationEncouraging tourism, decentralization and the use of renewable energy. In addition, suggest a minimum income Which will be guaranteed by a diminishing contribution To the extent the beneficiary’s income increases, up to a maximum of $550,000 (US$727).

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