Chile: Irina Karamanos will become the first lady of Chile

Irina Karamanos, current partner of the president-elect ChileAnd Gabriel Borek, Tuesday, that she will assume the role of first lady on March 11, although she has promised to remake the position.

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“After several weeks of design, we’ve decided to take on the role traditionally called first lady, with a commitment to recast it.”He also said the campaigner for social rapprochement, the small Borek party with which he became president through the “I agree with dignity” coalition.

Irina Karamanos with Gabriel Boric at the festivities after the historic vote in Chile. (Photo: Reuters).

In the ranks of the rapprochement, there were many doubts about Karamanos’ decision to take on or not take the position of first lady. In Chile, this position does not have legal powers, but it interferes with it Social and Cultural Directorate of the Presidency, a body charged with coordinating and assembling establish Or programs supported by the presidency.

Borek will assume power on March 11 to replace him Sebastian Pinera After winning the ballot on December 19 against right-wing candidate Jose Antonio Caste.

What modernization does Irina Karamanos intend to carry out as the first lady of Chile

Finally, Borek’s partner announced that he would accept the role, although he made it clear that he was considering reprising it, which is a task “It means adapting it to the times.”

“You have to give it to her A different and more contemporary twist on this role, Depersonalize it, that means change relationship to power As well as changing the way we see The relationship between power and women who practice politicsKarmanos, 32, said.

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He added, “It also means modernization, uprightness, and working for a Greater transparency On exercising power, opening up spaces.”

“I make myself available for this project to work for the benefit of Chile and its diversity, and that is through work From a less charitable role, but if More clear and diplomatic To be able to use the platform to show groups that have become invisible.”

Irina Karamanos and the role of the first lady
Irina Karamanos and the role of the first lady

“Undoubtedly, This proposal is very difficult, but we also saw that the easiest thing is not to change anythingSo we’ll get to work.”

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Karamanos is a political scientist and national leader of the Feminist Front social closeness. Currently working at Procultura . Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2009 that seeks to create development opportunities in isolated – or struggling – areas that threaten the well-being of their residents and their regional roots, the paper reported. third.

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