Chile: How was the reception by the Ministry of Defense of Allende’s granddaughter | The guard of honor greets Maya Fernandez Allende

On Monday morning, such a symbolic event occurred transcendental in building Chilean Ministry of Defense: Maya Fernandez AllendeAnd the The granddaughter of former President Salvador Allende, she was received with honors by the Guard of the Foundation.

“Honours, to the Minister of National Defense, Maya Fern├índez Allende!” The soldier in charge of the guard of honor shouted, in Ministry Square, on Zentino Avenue, in the center of Santiago.

classic salutations Good morning, Madam Secretary. It was recorded by various witnesses and quickly spread on social networks, where it made a wide impact.

The appointment of Fernandez Allende at the head of the Ministry of Defense is of great symbolic value for Chile While voters are working on a new Magna Carta, which will replace the one that was imposed after the coup of September 11, 1973. On that day, the Chilean armed forces, led by dictator Augusto Pinochet, bombed La Moneda Palace and assassinated the then president. Grandfather of the new minister.

In her new position as defense minister, Allende’s granddaughter will be responsible for the three branches of the armed forces.

Who is Maya Fernandez Allende?

Fern├índez Allende, who until her appointment as minister in Gabriel Borek’s government served as a deputy for the Socialist Party, was born in 1971, just two years before the overthrow of her grandfather’s government, and is the daughter of Dr. Beatriz Allende Bossi. and Cuban diplomat Luis Fernandez Ona.

He lived the first decades of his life in exile in Cubauntil a return to democracy, Fernandez Allende returned to his native country, where he studied biology and then veterinary medicine.

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In 1992 he became a member of the Socialist PartyAnd the The same party as his maternal grandfather.

He was also one of the first figures in the space to promote the shift of the Socialist Party to the left and the rapprochement of his party with the Broad Front.

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