Chile Bans Second Doses of AstraZeneca for Men Under 45: They’ll Get the Dose from Pfizer

A vaccination center in Santiago, Chile (Photo: EFE/Alberto Valdés)

health authorities in Chile I mentioned this Monday that Second doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine banned in men under 45 years old, World Health Organization They will get Pfizer to finish their immunization starting this week.

“For (men) under 45 years of age who have already received a dose of AstraZeneca, they are determined to complete their vaccination with Pfizer.”Health Undersecretary Paula Daza said.

On June 3 A confirmed coagulopathy in a 31-year-old man led to temporary suspension of second doses English vaccine, which is only applied in Women over 55.

Chile implements one of the most successful immunizations against COVID-19 in the world: Already vaccinated 59.2% of the target population with two doses, which means that all people over the age of 20 were already voluntarily recalled. Starting this week, the process will begin with minors.

despite this, The country has been experiencing a worsening of the epidemic for several weeks led to the setting Quarantine in all of Santiago since last Saturday Oh extension of the state health alert for another three months, Until September 30.

The authorities indicated that the health alert allows some to be taken restrictive measures Regarding the epidemic, but Does not mean that the state of exception will be extended, which must be proposed by the President and approved by Parliament and which allow, among other things, Street militarization.

In the last 24 hours, the ICU occupancy rate was above 95% after enrollment 3,290 patients are in serious condition (One of the highest numbers since the virus arrived), Which means that there are only 160 free critical beds in the entire country.

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What is more, 6,234 injuries and 97 deaths were added, leaving the total balance of the epidemic at more than 1.46 million cases and 30,804 deaths. And the national positivity rate — the number of positive PCR tests per 100 taken — is 8 percent.

From the Ministry of Health they reported that 73% of the injuries recorded last week correspond to Persons who have not completed the vaccination.

The country maintained a state of emergency due to the disaster for more than a year, The curfew is from ten in the evening until five in the morning, and the borders are closed until June 30.

Yesterday, for the fourth day in a row, Chile passed the barrier of 7,000 new infections with the Coronavirus after adding 7,529 infections and 128 deaths, leaving the total balance of the epidemic at more than 1.46 million cases and 30,707 deaths.

The country is witnessing the most dangerous moment since the start of the epidemic, a situation similar to the second wave in March and April, in which the country with intensive care units has been on the brink of collapse and a besieged capital since last Saturday. Prevent the spread of the virus.

Despite the fact that the country is implementing one of the most successful vaccinations in the world, almost 60% of the target population has received two doses, in the past 24 hours only 180 critical beds and 3,292 healthy patients were counted. Seriously, one of the highest numbers since the arrival of the virus.

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