Chile and Canada are analyzing areas of cooperation in space affairs

Bilateral meeting between FACh and RCAF

RCAF has extensive experience in both military and civilian space operations. Photo: RCAF

04/02/2021 | Santiago

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The Chilean Air Force (FACh) And the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) The second meeting was held on space matters Space sharing between Chile and Canada To review current capabilities, projects under development, and areas of joint cooperation.

At the meeting, held on January 28 cross-information technology, deputy director Space affairs From FACh, flight colonel Louis Philippe Saez; Manager International relationsAviation Colonel Renato Arpita; Manager Aerial Image Measurement Service (SAF)Aviation Colonel Carlos Tabello; Audit Combat commandAviation Colonel Marcela Tobar; Leader Space Operations Group (GOE)Squad Leader Juan Sepulveda, Along with other officials and advisors associated with the space region.

As represented by RCAF Director Space Strategies and Plans Directorate, Presenter David Wood; vice president Dennis Rice, And the specialty Pascal Boyer. from Spatial Requirements Directorate Manager Spatial requirementsAnd the Cameron Stoltz, Along with other officers and specialists. The Defense attachment From Canada to Chile, Captain Richard Jane.

According to FACh, the Deputy Director for Space Affairs, Colonel Luis Felipe Sáez, spoke about development activities of the National Space System, Which is considering, among other aspects, integrating the new satellites included in the program National Satellite System (Snsat), As well as the establishment National Space Center, Which will include building a plant, a Mission Control Center s Earth satellite stations.

Colonel Saez pointed out that “this meeting allows the integration of space as a fundamental variable in the national development equation, because cooperation in this field will enhance the development of technologies, generate knowledge, create critical mass and form multidisciplinary institutions. The difference is between organizations, with capabilities that transcend different national fields and sectors.”

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It should be noted that both air forces maintain their activity Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP) Which allowed them, among other things, to share pilot experiences and missions SAR.

Nine years of Fasat-Charlie

Last Wednesday, December 16th, nine years have passed since the successful launch of a satellite into orbit Fsat Charlie, Which is managed by the Space Operations Group (GOE) of the Chilean Air Force.

it’s a Satellite Earth Observation System (SSOT), Which will soon be replaced, has allowed the institution to train specialists able to exploit the spatial domain, provide advice on space issues and implement Space operationsIn which tasks stand out Satellite, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), And the Environmental Monitoring and Spatial Awareness (SSA), Among others.

The Fsat Charlie It was designed with a design useful life of five years, which has been extended for a long time depending on the correct operation and maintenance of the system, which has taken more than 240,000 images of the Earth’s surface, equivalent to 25,000,000 square kilometers. In addition, it has supported many national and foreign entities by taking photos, as well as participating in various joint and joint military exercises in the spatial and multi-domain field.

Sincerely theme 2022

On Thursday December 17th, I stay in the building Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez From the air base Cyrillus A preparatory meeting on space issues that will be present the next day International Air and Space ShowThis is, 2022 guests. The event was attended by Colonel Saez, CEO of EidAviation Colonel Francisco Ramirez, President Contact section From FACh, flight colonel Claudio Alcazar, With their work teams.

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On this occasion, the main aspects to develop CentsAnd the various phases planned during the next few years with the integration of new satellites, an issue that will be addressed during the next edition of the exhibition that will be held between April 5-10, 2022.

The conference program for the event includes the implementation of the second edition of Space summit, In charge of FACh, which will address, among other things, run Fsat Charlie And the Foundation’s efforts, in cooperation with various national entities, in developing various initiatives aimed at promoting National Space System.

Photos: FACh.

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