Check out the new trailer for the movie depicting the infamous BIG’s death! Rock Pop

A new trailer for City of Lies, the movie starring Johnny Depp, is showing What was the killing of famous rapper Notourious BIG

The second official preview of this movie, Whose quote is based on a book of the same name written by journalist Randall Sullivan, It starts with a scene from BIG during the 1990s.

Let’s remember that on March 9th, the 24th anniversary of this great rapper, who died after being hit by a dangerous and unknown bullet caused by an unknown person, was commemorated. For the same reason, this is the trailer It begins with one of the most famous theories:

“Some suspect the shooting of The Notorious BIG is revenge for the killing of Tupac Shakur last year.”

You can watch the second trailer for “City of Lies” here:

The plot of this new movie depicts the story of a journalist (Forest Whitaker) in the company of former Los Angeles Police Detective Russell Paul (Johnny Depp). They try to find the mysterious causes that led to the infamous murder:

Together, they explore why the case remains cold and why a secret division of the LAPD appears determined to keep it that way.

Additionally, the role of Depp in this movie is crucial, as he is part of LADP itself:

“Some evidence is still hidden in the dark,” are some of the words that make Johhny Depp’s character known.

This movie is directed by Brad Foreman (hacker) The producer was responsible for implementing this idea Saban Movies.

City Of Lies has a special crew. of between it: Shea Wiggam, Toby Haas, Kevin Chapman, Peter Green, Zander Berkeley, Shamir Anderson, Neil Brown Jr.and Corey Hardrick.

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Although its launch date was slated for 2018, there are some flaws in it. For the same reason, sE expects the premiere to take place on March 19 in the US.

We also remind you that previously there was a first trailer:

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